Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mami is busy, you eat yourself, ok? - 2nd attempt

If you can remember, I trained Caleb for self feeding 2 months ago and he mess that he created nearly make me fainted ~:~

Anyway, I braved myself again and determine to let him try for the 2nd time. So during one of his feeding session, I placed another bowl and spoon in front of him, put some porridge in it while I'm holding the big bowl of porridge myselfto feed him.

Initially, he's trying patiently to scoop the porridge and bring it inside his mouth.

Stir stir abit

Then put into my mouth

 Scoop somemore

So slow..I better use hand. Easier ma...

Eik..I think I dropped something inside. 
(* pick up with hands and pop inside my mouth)

- spoon is for eating.
- holding on to the spoon, scooped the porridge, and put inside his mouth (for a good 5 minutes, then there goes in his hands)
- less messy compared to last time (at least the hair, the eyes, the forehead is not covered by porridge.)

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