Thursday, December 12, 2013

Starbucks freak

I didn't know since when I've become a Starbucks junkie. Every morning I have this thought that my morning would be totally perfect if I could get on hold of hot steaming Mocha.

*why starbucks you no near my house?"


*why starbucks you no delivery?"

And since I frequent Starbucks outlet at Setiawalk quite a lot (actually I purposely make excuses to go there all the time, hah!) I bought myself a tumbler. Can't wait for my tumbler coming back from US which I asked my cousin to buy for me. 

nice Starbucks tumbler :)

And with this tumbler I could get RM2 discount. Pretty cool heh?

Bought it few weeks ago at Sunway Pyramid. They insisted on wrapping it although I said it's ok. Why waste a wrapper when you know you gonna ripped it off the next moment right?

Nice eh. Like it so much. Even Caleb said he want to bring this water tumbler to school. 

80 bucks tumbler to school?

No way hosey....

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