Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Singapore

I dumped jk at home and fly away with his son to the land of Singapore :)


Well, we just reached yesterday and planning to stay for a week here. After so many times of persuasion from my sister in law, keep on insisting me to come and stay. Finally me and superbaby survived in 45 minutes journey by flight (yeah!!....I survived!) My mother in law was coming with me, so I'm more relax, at least I know I got another pair of eyes, hands and legs.

For a start, our flight was delayed for 30minutes. WTF!! 30 minutes with superbaby is like 3 hours. As usual he was climbing up and down on all the chairs, trying to hop from one chair to another, trying to eat some leaves and dirt, running everywhere.....aiyaiyai.....

Really, luckily my mil was there, if not I dont know what I can do -.-

Anyway, Caleb has been enjoying himself very much. Playing with his 2 cousins from morning till night. Toys are everywhere, is like we have just entered the city of entertainment. So, this superbaby been playing non stop, not even for milk or nap or bedtime. Really geng....can tahan for 17hours straight with 30minutes nap in between. Even that he still whining want to go out and play when I tucked him in for bed at 10pm.

I'll just let him enjoy himself, after all, he just have me to torture play with at home :)

Oh btw dadi, if you are reading this, I think he completely forget about you. He didnt even mention the word "di di di...." If he can forget about milk milk, I dont think he can remember you :p


Anonymous said...

I am so sad. I have been waiting your call and this is the news i got. I miss superbaby.

Wabbitfoot said...

Dont be sad...we will be back in just a wink of eyes. see? tomorrow you see ur superbaby already.

you know what? i asked him "di di, do u remember who is di di?" He puzzled and think and then he nodded. hahaha...really, i didnt bluff you :)

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