Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Loo's family trip to A'Famosa

Just came back from The Loo's family trip in Malacca A'Famosa Resort. There were 6 adults and 3 children, so we booked a 3 rooms villa with kitchen and attached private swimming pool. Hee hee.....the kids were ecstatic and so did the adults. :)
The kids, of course were having lots of fun. Especially this little cow of mine because got 2 che ches to play with lar....

1st day: We reached there around 1:30pm and after we checked in, fed the kids, it was almost 3pm. Adults were hungry, so we went to search for food. Had a very nice curry mee at an old style kopitiam. Not sure if we were too hungry or it was really nice. Haha....

Then we went back to our villa and getting ready for POOL TIME!

Pumping up all the floats. Check out Caleb's swimming suit. *hik hik*

Testing drive my car first, vroom vroom....

Ready or not, I'm miii....something coming out from my ahem... lar

Come, carry carry....

I want to go there...there...

Oh, rubber duckie...

After playing in pool for around 1 hour, everybody was darn tired. We took another 20 minutes to drag persuade Caleb out from the pool. This guy ar....aiyo....headache. He kept on screaming on top of his voice he want to stay inside the pool. Keep on saying "last one? , last one? , last one?"

Last one and last one and last one until I couldn't take it anymore, I just scooped him up straight away went in and of course he turned into unspeakable monster. Still crying when I bathed him...... *_*

For dinner, we had steamboat. :)
Easy, yummy and economy. We bought so much food that it can feed the whole army.

Meat balls, lobster balls, fishball with crabsticks, dumplings... so little right?
Try imagine x5, that much!

Oyster mushrooms, golden needle mushroom (issit correct?) and the greens
This one also x5...

Jk's favourite fu chuk (fried bean curd)

At the end, we couldn't finish and tapau-ed back home the leftover.  
Total: RM100
Cheap right? Haha...

2nd day: I didnt have a good night sleep, probably because I didnt sleep in my own bed with my own stinky pillows and blanket. Lols....

Our villa booking included 6 complimentary breakfast. Any addition (including the kids), we need to pay RM12++, no free breakfast or half price for kids. And since the breakfast so darn expensive, we went and check it out..

At first I thought it was buffet breakfast but no..... it all came in set.

You have a choice to choose either "Nasi Lemak" 

or "Western Breakfast" with 2 sausages, 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, a pinch of salad *sigh* and a bowl of baked bean.

Overall, breakfast sucks! Nasi lemak was horrible, stale taste from the rendang chicken. Yucks..... so, I thought luckily I didnt order that. I went with the western set. I mean nothing can go wrong with sausages and eggs and breads right? Just fried the eggs and sausages only ma right? WRONG!

When it came to me, wow....what happen to my sausage? It looks like 2 badly mutated sausages. Eggs were hard and the breads were dry. Kaneh.....and this set was priced at RM12++?!?! o.O

Itinerary for today is to visit Water World. Admission rate for adult is RM35 and kid is RM30 inclusive one lunch set. Kids under 3ft is FOC. Haha...and Caleb and another niece of mine went in for free.

I didn't bring my camera/phone inside so no pictures to show here. Such a waste....Caleb was having crazy time there. He played with water slide over and over and over again. The first few times, we went down with him but after a while he wanted to go down the slide by himself. Hahaha.....due to off balance, he falls and knocked the back of his head a few times. Crazy mom, I can still laugh at him..... His head made of steel, didnt feel any pain at all and went up again and again. ^.^

After spending 2 hours in the water world, everybody was drop, dead, tired again. Went back to our villa, bathed and getting ready to nap, recharge our battery.

Grumpy face, just woke up from nap. Actually we nudge him to wake up :)

We went to Tampin town for dinner, Restaurant Jih Hong. We didnt know which makan shop to go but we go by the rule of thumb. See which one have the most patrons....haha....genius right?

A view inside the restaurant.

This is the Kung Pou Squid and omelette for the kids, the only decent picture I took. Why? Because we have 6 hungry adults and 3 hungry children. Basically we just pawned on the food as soon as it arrived. no chance for photo-shoot ler...

We went to Cowboy Town after dinner around 8pm. Walked walked abit but really nothing to see. So, we just waited for the time to watch Red Indian Show and Animal Musical Parade Show.

Carnival show time board

Caleb on antique car.

This is picture really a treasure. I think over 20 pictures we took with Caleb, this the only one he look at the camera. Others he just shut the eyes, look left, look right or look down. Sigh... anywhere except the camera.
Caleb with mami while waiting for the show to start.

3rd day: Our last day in A'Famosa Resort. After breakfast, we checked out and headed to Malacca.
Had a quick lunch at Nancy's Kitchen. Jk's brother and his wife really fancy this place and it happen to be the most popular place among Singaporean. But the food just taste average.

As it really crowded on the ground floor, we straight headed upstairs. 
Getting ready for porridge time

Children below 10 are eating home cooked porridge.

"Caleb, nice?"

Again, I managed to take 2 pictures out of 7 dishes we had. I think if I got another 2 hands, I can take more picture... :D
Pai Tee... not bad

Babi Pongteh

Jk's brother did most of the ordering as I was really busy because Caleb pooped. Aiyoyo..... He was squirming and told me "she she" but I thought maybe he just pulling my leg. Mana tau this guy really pooped and stained his pant.

I quickly zoomed him into the toilet and after I opened up his diaper, he straight away pooped on the floor and sprayed everywhere. Aiyerrrr.......*I hope no one was eating when reading this* hahaha

I almost fainted ~.~

Luckily my mom in law with me so she was like kau tim everything for me. Phewwww.......

After lunch, we walked around jonker street before headed back to KL and Jk's brother back to Singapore.


mommy to chumsy said...

wow, the food photos made me drool :) Is A-Farmosa a nice place to go to? We ate at Nancy's Kitchen before and yes, the food was so-so only. Packed to the brim with ppl all the time. I prefer a more quiet eatery :)

eugene said...

How come I didn't see Caleb smiling one?may be too much activity already that got him so tired...

By the way,is A formosa water world better than Sunway,, cos I am thinking of going either during CNY as i drive home from JB....

Hey you have a great weekend ya and God Bless

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Barb,
It is a nice place to go for family trip with lot of kids around. Quiet and serene....but not so nice for honeymoon couple or shopping getaway or makan trips. Because basically there's nothing to see, nothing to eat and no where to go around. Plus alot of mosquitoes also ler

Eugene,, got one smiling one in the antique car. But this guy ar, very hard to take a pictures of him looking at the camera, what more to smile..sigh..

I havent been to sunway before so cant really compare. But I think A'Famosa water world is consider ok the ticket is quite cheap compare to sunway. I dont think I'll go for 2nd time thou :)

You have a great weekend too ...

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