Friday, December 17, 2010

the day Caleb @ Genting

Ah hoyday everybody! Oh yes, I'm in a damn good mood cox I'm going to HK in another 3 weeks time! Hahaha....counting down each days, hours and minutes. LOLz...

Anyway, just an update on our short-1-day trip to the City of Entertainment last saturday. The last time I stepped a foot there was like 3-4 years ago. Yes, it looks different indeed, changed alot with more and more shops erupted in First World Building itself. One moment I do feel like I'm in one of the major shopping comples in town.

After we've planned it for almost a month, finally the day arrived. I'm so excited...haha, I mean I get to bring my own kid to Genting. Can you imagine the awe on their face and the excitement of them jumping up and down....more excited than you've bought yourself hundred pairs of SHOES! But Caleb still dont know how to show me that. It is me that in awe and jumping up and down... :D

Yea, Caleb didnt give you enough face expression but I know he is happy and excited. All the time, he's trying to figure out what is this place, why so many people walking around and why I'm being wrapped up like 'bak chang' (a dumpling) and why the weather was so so so damn cold! Thick mist and strong wind. I think I underestimated Genting's weather as I get to hear all the comments about 'not so cold la' compare to 20 years ago...but hell no, it's damn cold alright ok!

Reached up there at around 1:30pm. Jk dropped us off and he went searching for a parking. But school holiday and weekend make it worse than ever to find a decent or not-so-decent parking place. So, after 2hour freaking hours only he joined us back but the look at his face was like kena 'fried' like that. Fuyoohh....blacker than hokkien mee ler...

While waiting for jk to come, we just strolled around, with Caleb checking out every girls and lasses out there...See Caleb sexy tight? Is like he's taking ballet classes. Haha!

His bum bum got a teddy bear print! catchy! We decided to buy one day unlimited ride pass for all park which was RM59/person. For 3 person it was already RM177 and at that time, it was already pass 3pm. We really need to make it quick to queue up and get in as many rides as possible but there were sooooo many people with kids. One ride already took us more than half and hour. Geez....

 In Rio Float ride.

Carousel ride. 
Caleb's first time riding on it. He holding on the bar like holding on his dear life.

Outdoor carousel ride.

Face so scare like that. But I know he is confused. Hahaha...first time experience ma. Noticed he being wrapped up like bak chang?
Anyway, after the ride, we turned around and saw this Beryl's Chocolate Wonderland. Oh, nice...must have  a lot of chocolate inside. So, we went in.

Jk put down Caleb and let him walked around by himself. He happily walked and walked while I took pictures of him. Mana tau I just took 1 picture then suddenly 'ploik', Caleb fall flat on the coarse stone floor, kissed the floor and followed by wuaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

So loud until a few people turned and look at us.

We hurrily picked him up from the floor, calmed him down but he's crying with tears streaming down his cheek. Yes, must be very painful, if not he wont cry like that. Haaaiii.....we also can feel the pain too....

A few minutes later, we got this.

Didnt cry anymore but putting up a sad face. Kesiannya.....
While walking around we saw a clown standing and twisting balloons. I turned and asked Caleb "See, want?" He nodded his head eagerly. And he got a dog! which makes him smile again.

Dadi also happy...

So, we continue to walk and walk and walk. Me as usual taking pictures la. It was really packed up there, really really packed with adult, elderly, kids screaming their head off, adult screaming from above, left and right. I didnt ride in anyone of those. So scary and I hate that feeling of having your stomach in your mouth. Bluek!

We walked up hill to Dinasour Land. We passed Caleb around among 3 of us. Nobody can carry him for a long time, somemore walked up staircase leh. (the next day, 3 of us woke up with a sore arms and pain at the back! - haha)

Basically there's nothing to do plus due to whatever reason, the boats that suppose to bring us cruising around the dinasour lake was closed. So, we just took pictures at the end.

Big giant LIZARD! 

3 of us..Caleb still holding on his red dog.

We walked until we were so tired and hungry plus carrying Caleb around is not joke. So, we just went inside dunno what cafeteria and ordered some foods and drinks. Jk ordered a plate of Char Koey Teow which came in the size of my palm and costs RM11.50 and a bottle of mineral water at RM3.00 O.o
Everything up there is like GOLD.

I ordered a cup of nescafe which taste like sh** and a chicken burger which taste like vegetarian chicken meat with 2 slices of bun. NOTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN!!! Oh yea, got...a splash of chili sauce. These 2 rubbish costs RM13. O.o

Geng leh?

Caleb had his milk and bread. His meal is the most tastiest one already..hehe...see, so happily munching on it.

Starting to show his cheeky face again.

With the bruise so obvious on his forehead.

After that we searched for antique car ride and I like this ride alot! First because I need not to have the stomach-inside-my-mouth feeling and secondly I can admire the scenery without need me to walk and carrying superbaby. Hehehe....

 Cold, misty and foggy

Hey hey..I want to drive too!

As it's getting late and cold and windy, we went back into indoor theme park and continue with queuing up for rides. After one round of reindeer and carousel ride, Caleb's face began to show 'screen saver' face. Hah...must be tired la. We walked up and down the escalators, pushing his stroller bumping here and there.
10 minutes later......

Dont kacau, I sleep edi!

Diam diam, he slept already. So, jk went and get the car and go back lor. That's all for our one day Genting trip.
I told jk "Next time we need to choose normal day instead of school holiday to go there."
Jk: "What? again ar?"

Yupe. Again.

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JolynLau said...

Caleb has sexy legs, i mean leggings. hehehe...

Oh... got sticker on his forehead again... a big one indeed... sure sim tia one oh...

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