Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Caleb and the swimming pool

Ever since Caleb had his first dip in A'Famosa Malacca and second dip in Port Dickson (uh, I havent blog about this yet), he can't take his eyes off whenever he sees a pool or a fountain or a bucket full of water *.*||

Everytime when I bath him, he would take out a bucket (the one that usually soak clothes in it) and asked me to fill it up with water so that he can 'squat' in and pretend that he is swimming in there. Haha..... But now, he've already outgrown most of the buckets I have at home. So we thought why don't we ask somebody to come and construct a swimming pool just for him.

I checked a few websites online and shortlist to these:

Nice eh? Too bad we don't have enough money nor space to build. Hahahaha!! Crazy... Kidding, kidding :))

So, I bought this instead. Darn cheap, only RM29.90! Can you believe it??? Measure at 4' x 10" Rigid wall... I can sense Caleb is going to have a helluva FUN!

Fill up with water

Oh, he can sense it too. He was so eager to come out but I asked him to stay in first. I closed the door grill and ask him to wait in the house while I filled up the pool for him. But then he 'con' my dad into opening the grill for him, saying he wants to sit on the stool. Then slowly he said wants to sit on bench, afterward he said wants to wear shoe.... Chis~

Hahaha....Ah Kong kena tipu already. :")

"I want to sit on bench jek and watch from afar ok?"

Finally....... I took his shirt off and let him in.

I insisted on him wearing the pant so that his 'birdie' wont get expose but he keep on yanking his pant down. Keep telling me "Mami take off pant, take off pant". So ok lor, what the heck.... take off for him lor.

Hahaha...Nah! Somebody in nude, come and see, come and see! Lai lai lai...lelong lelong.

When I asked him to show me how to swim, immediately lowered his chest and start flapping his hands. Lolz...

In the evening, my nephew joined in the fun.

The sun was scrotching hot, I opened up 2 unbrellas to shield them. If not, they'll end up become BBQ squid.

I'm still staying at my parent's house and will be going back to KL 2 days from now. I really hope that we dont have to drag Caleb back since he is having so much fun here. Got kor-kor, got amah, got ah kong, got bicycle.... Sigh...we'll see.

"I'm sure everybody will miss you too, superbaby. You have bring so much fun and laughter to your Ah Kong and Amah. You never fails to make them smile and laugh. I promise to bring you back real soon, ok?


eugene said...

Hey hey,have a great Valentine,loads of love,respect,understanding and joy

yvonne said...

Oh yeah, I see Caleb enjoys his dipping as much as my son does. I'm so gonna get that kiddie pool too! I normally give a water hose to my children and 2 umbrellas to hide from the sun :p

Happy V Day to you and your loved ones!

Wabbitfoot said...

@eugene: Thank you for the wishes. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

@yvonne: Hahaha...every kids love splashing water. Water hose? I'm sure I'll be all wet if I pass it to him. Hahaha...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

Cathy Newman said...

Way to go, Caleb! Who knows, he may become an Olympic swimmer when he grows up some day! I used to have a small pool like that when I was younger... Yes, it never gets old! LOL. Oh, isn't it nice to see little kids get extra happy and excited?

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