Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A surprise on Valentine's Day

*hick hick hick *

Got this today from dear jk.

I don't normally get things on any other special day (i.e my birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's...). Imagine my surprise when he handed me a bouquet of flowers.

Jk just drove back from KL, fetching us going back to reality tomorrow. My 3-weeks-holiday officially coming to an end.

I'll definitely miss thee:
- just eat whatever my mom cooked without having to think and plan what to cook.
- if I'm craving for something, I can make an order to my mom and puff...there, I have it on the table. :)
- laundry has been perfectly taken care of... haha
- somebody to play with Caleb and he didn't come and bug me. Ahhh...bliss
- free time to go online and blog as much as I can :)

6 stalks of champagne color roses and forget-me-not makes
a perfect combination

Caleb said he wants to give it to Amah. sweet.... *.*

Even we don't say this much, I know you'll always be there for me.
You know I'll do the same too.
For we will treasure each other on every single day and many days to come.




yvonne said...

A surprise bouquet of roses, how romantic~ And Caleb is so thoughtful to give it to Amah (on behalf of mummy, since the lodging, food and laundry have been taken care well for these 3 weeks).

Happy (belated) V Day!

Sujean said...

wahhh... nice... you made up the give ah mah flower story or really Caleb wanna give... kekeke... Happy Valentines Day sis... :p Oh yea... I had pork vinegar today... wish have being granted... kekeke...

Wabbitfoot said...

@yvonne: ya, a romantic surprise by un-romantic hubby...hahaha. A bouquet of flower in exchange for 3 weeks lodging, laundry and food. A real steel!

@sujean: hahaha..first time I asked him to give Amah but then everytime he also want to take the flowers give Amah already. Wahhh....a wish came true wor. Hehehe

Sujean said...

hehehe... oh yea~!!! Champagne rose... nice...

Irene said...

Happy belated valentine to you! It's good that our men love us, even go to the extend of showering us with expensive flowers on Valentine's. I know it's not practical, like most women say, and I agree, even tell my hubby don't borther with flowers anymore, coz I rather have the budget to shop, hahahah!! But oh well, sometimes being romantic don't have to be practical, hor?

Merryn said...

cho sweet.. Happy Valentine's day to ya! :)

Cas said...

How romantic, such a sweet thoughtful gesture from your hubby! And your son Caleb is soo cute, looks like a lady's man with those flowers, hehe :)

Mommy to Chumsy said... romantic and nice of your hubby :)

Wabbitfoot said...

@Irene: Totally agree with you. :)

@Merry: You too!

@Cas: Haha...thanks.

@Barb: hehehe....once in a bluemoon

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