Friday, March 16, 2012

Caleb's Undies

Caleb has been going diaper-free for more than a month now. Of course, I still need to put diaper on him during his nap time and night time. But even that, on a few occasions, he woke up with his diaper dry, *dancing in glee* - that means I can put on the same diaper on him the next time. Save money! :)

Initially he just wear pant at home and when we went out for meal, I'd put on diaper for him. A few times during meal time, while syiok-syiok eating, suddenly he blurted out "Mami, shh-shh". Jeez, potong stim betul la.... But that's our responsibility and we must persevere until the end. Although I can just ask him to pee into his diaper. If I do that, what kind of message I'm sending to him? He will have this thinking running through his mind: 

Should I pee in my diaper or shouldn't I pee in my diaper?
Why sometimes I can pee in my diaper but sometimes mami cane me if I pee-ed?
Or is it at home I must pee in potty but when we went outside I can just pee on diaper? 

See? Confusing right? I'm confused too. How on earth a 3 years old toddler could understand?

So, now he's off diaper when we went out for shopping and eating out. That's when it got me thinking, without the diaper, wearing pant for him is kinda weird. His bird is hanging free, can run here and there and I caught him a few times clutching his birdie as if it is really flying out from his pant... Hahaha.... And it is dangerous when he wearing pant with zip, those jeans material la. I was so paranoid when I did the zipping, keep on pushing "it" go inside.... Lolzzzz....!! I'm sure you will too right?

Finally I bought a stash of underwear for him. You hear me right. UNDERWEAR. For a 3 years old kid....How old are you when you wore your first underwear? For me I have no idea, but definitely not when I'm 3 years old.

Taa-daa!! Caleb's undies! and all of them have Tom and Jerry's printing....muahahaha....

I got him XS size. The smallest available. They are so so so tiny. So cute! I can't help myself and I was laughing everytime I folding his undies. It just like the size of my palm and anyone of you who know me, my palm isn't very big. :)

This crazy mother even asked his son to pose for the camera. Hahaha.... I asked him to hold on to his shirt while I'm snapping away.

Now he is happily running all over the house with his underwear and most important, he is comfortable in it because the birdie can't run away anymore.



yvonne said...

Hahaha, I have yet to intro my son underwear. Soon, I guess when he's going to kindy :p

If your son's night diaper is dry, that's mean you can start night potty training. Mine is 3 years old too, but he insists to put on diaper before bedtime and he wakes up with heavy-loaded-with-pee diaper the next morning. Harder for me to train him night potty, unless I scarify my precious sleep time.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

well done Caleb :) The stash of underwear you got for him are so cute err...i can't remember when i started wearing underwear :)

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