Monday, April 2, 2012

the day Caleb @ Sunway Medical Centre

Pardon me for my lack of updates recently. My brain just stuck and words doesn't flow in as always hence the absent in checking my blog as well as my other bloggie friend's blog. Hehe..paiseh.

For a start, Caleb was diagnosed with food poisoning last week. He is well and happy now, so no worry. But it was a sight and experience that I shall not forget, not in near future as per se.  

It all started on Tuesday morning, early morning somewhere around 5-6am, he was mumbling of tummy pain-pain. I took no notice of it. Bad Mummy! :( Well, I just brushed him off, telling myself he was just having a dream as usual. This fellow, he dream-talking almost everyday. Sometimes he'd mumbling from his sleep with his eyes closed....

Anyway, the first signal, he vomited out all his 8 oz morning milk. All of it, yea, like a fountain. No joke! A fountain of milk. I was stunned. His whole face, pyjamas, pillow, on the floor...all covered with milk. We quickly rushed him to the bathroom and he had a quick shower. He appeared normal, just that he kept on asking "what happen to you, milk-milk?" Haha...

The 2nd signal was when he vomited again 2 hours later while we were eating at Old Town Kopitiam. He had egg toast and milk which I brought from home. Purging out again....this time, like a lava bursting from a volcano.
The table, the baby chair, on the floor.....all. We definitely caught some stares there. Old Town's waiters must be cursing us... O.o

By now, we noticed something really wrong with him. Ok, off to the clinic.

Doctor suspected it was probably due food poisoning. He advised us to spoon-fed him with diluted ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt) every 15 minutes. 2-3 teaspoons at a time. It's important to keep him rehydrate when times like this and some medicines, before and after meals.

At home, he kept on throwing up on every single thing he ate. Cereals, breads, biscuits.....everything. Nothing seems to stay in his stomach. He had diarrhea too, about 4 times in 2 hours. Watery-yellowish stools.

He really scared the shit out of me.

He keep on asking me for bread-bread. I know he is hungry and I keep on remind him to chew his food slowly but he just chomped everything down. I even cut 1 piece of bread into 4 pieces and offered him one at the time. But each time after he ate 1 piece, 5 minutes later, he threw up again. It was a scary sight. He was still holding on a piece of bread when he threw up and after he was done, he chomping away again, as if nothing happen. Haaaiii........hungry but couldn't eat. So so sad.. :(

Doctor's prescription not helping at all. I'm not sure if he threw up all the medicines as well before they even have the chance to get working. Poor poor boy.

Anyway, we decided we/he had enough when he was still threw up at 10pm. Now it's officially that he had nothing in 12h and plus the last meal he had the previous night, it already 24h he gone without any foods in his stomach. We were worried as hell.

We took him to Sunway Medical Centre. On-duty doctor got Caleb checked as we pouring our anxieties to him. How many times he vomited, how many times he passed watery stool, what he ate, I even brought the medication he currently on to the doctor to examine as well. At first the doctor was abit puzzle on what to do. Despite we told him how serious the conditions was, Caleb appeared perfectly normal. Not any lethargic sight at all..... o.o||

The doctor did not have any conclusion for us except after running test on his blood and stool. As Caleb was having a mild dehydration, doctor advised us to let him put on drips.

This is him admitted at A&E ward. Waiting nurses to come and poke his hand. At this moment, he constantly clinging on his dadi's arm and saying "I want to go home" :(
"No-lar baby, you are sick-sick now. Cannot go back, we sleep here, ok?"
"Nooooo....." :(

To make him busy, I let him play with my cards. The plastic container beside him is for him just in case he wants to throw up.

After waited for 20 minutes, 3 nurses came. The first one wrapped him up like a 'bak chang' and exposed his left arm. Luckily Caleb didn't struggle or anything like that. He just showed me his puzzled face. I know he was scared but he holding it all up. Brave boy....

One nurse was pinning his arm down while the other searching for his vein. Needle coming up and the nurses keep on asking him to look at me and I was making a 'fish face' trying very hard to distract his attention. Luckily it all over in a matter of minutes. A cardboard was place under his wrist and bandage it up.

I'm so proud of him. He didn't shed a single tear. He didn't yell or making a crazy havoc in the hospital. All nurses gave him a thumb up. Hahaha..... One nurse passed us by and stopped. She said "Eh, sudah habis ka? Tak ada bunyi pun?" (Already finished? I didn't hear a sound?)

I said "Yala, kulit dia keras macam kerbau.." (Yea, he has the skin of the bull) Hahahaha.......

Still stunned from the whole process
The bandage.
"What the heck is this?"

Not long after, Caleb was wheeled up to children's ward. Half an hour later, a paediatrician came and checked on him. I'm telling everything again on what was happening in that 12hours period of time. She checked on his tummy, hands, eyes, ears and mouth. All these while, Caleb been listening to orders and acting like a sweet baby. Awwww....... The doctor was commenting that he was like a trained-patient :)

He slept like a baby that night. For the mommies they did provide a sofa-bed alike. Only this is something like a couch. When stretching it long, voila, it became a bed.

The next morning, he had breakfast on bed. It suppose to be a porridge for him but he whacked my sandwich instead. Anyway, I just let him eat whatever he wants. After all, having a good appetite is what we've been hoping for.

Hands in the air - ermmm, with string attached :)

We discovered they have this kiddies playroom just around the corner and since then he has been pestering me (and his dadi) to bring him to this playroom from morning till night.

Later at that evening, I caught the bug/virus from Caleb. I had a bad tummy upset as well. Been to the toilet for 4 times and throwing up every single thing I ate. Kanasai...I was as limp as shit! I ended up lying on Caleb's bed instead and he was happily skipping around with his dadi in the hospital.

The 2nd night, the dadi accompanied him instead of me. I limping back home to get a good night rest. No more throwing up that night as I got no appetite but was crazily thirsty. I can't even drank water because I'm throwing up water as well. Sighh.....that night, I was sipping water bit by bit every half an hour. Torturing...can't even drink water. It remind me how we took granted on things around us. Even gulping down water is a luxury/bless.

Anyway, Caleb spent 2 days/2 nights in Sunway Medical Centre. The testing result from his blood and poo-poo showing was not due to Rotavirus. Thank God!

Total billing is RM1500. Luckily, most of it was covered by medical card and we only need to pay RM500.

Now we are seriously thinking of taking him for Rotavirus jab. Nope, he is not protected.....yet.


yvonne said...

Sorry to hear about Caleb and glad he's already recovered and in his pink of health now.

You take care too, mummy!

Ming said...

Oh dear... sounds heartbreaking! And it's doubly sad to hear you succumbed to the bug too... Hope all of you recover soonest and glad to know it wasn't the rotavirus too. My girl is vaccined but that's only cos it's compulsory for us...

Irene said...

Yikes... the nasty stomach flu virus! My kids had it once, twice... vomit, purging, scary! Glad your ordeal is over, and Caleb was a good boy in hospital. REally brings me down the "memory lane"... dejavu feeling. Yea, it's very contagious too. Whenever someone have purging or vomitting now in the house, we do a full wash down... with dettol on surfaces, bathroom wash, HEPA air... haha. paranoid! You take care! He's still so cute!

Wabbitfoot said...

@yvonne: Thank you Yvonne. Yes, he's already in his pink of health now.

@Ming: Thanks. We've recovered 100% now. Yea, I heard from my SIL that in Singapore it is compulsory to have the Rotavirus and Pneumococcal vaccines. We'll take Caleb for those jabs soon :)

@Irene: Yes, it was so scary. Non stop vomitting, now whenever I'm thinking back, it still send shiver down my spine. Oh, we didnt do a full wash down thou. Now you have mentioned it, I really should. Oh well, hopefully there'll be no more next time....

mommy to chumsy said...

Poor Caleb. Glad that he is better now. It's really scary when the kids throw up like that huh?

Jobless Girl said...

Poor thing, it is tiring when your kid are sick. If not mistaken rota virus vaccine is for baby less than one year old.

Wabbitfoot said...

@Barb: Yes, it is scary when they throw up like no tomorrow. But I'm glad he's eating now. Everybody was commenting on how skinny he become now.

@Jobless Girl: Hahaha, yes, the rotavirus vaccine is no more available at his age now. So we gotta be extra careful.

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