Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 4 - Hong Kong (continue)

Ok, since Caleb sleep quite early tonight. I shall continue....
Actually I tricked and 'lured' him into room and said "oh, mami tired, mami sleepy, mami sleep ok?" He said "Noooo..."
I said "No ar, then you dont sleep, mami sleep ok?" and I proceed switch off the light and wrapped up myself with blanket. He wailed a while, suck his 2 fingers and lie down beside me....finally less than 15minutes he zzzzz-ed .......
*Wahahaha...evil plan succeed*

Where am I? Oh, the vegetarian lunch. Overall, lunch was quite decent. All the dishes were well cook with clean flavor and very light seasoning. The only setback was it tad too oily for my liking. Anyway, we couldnt finish most of the dishes. The portion was big and it's enough to feed 5-6 person. Feel a little guilty seeing all those foods wasted but we really really doing our best......Sorry, foods :(

After full lunch, yes, we need to exercise abit. We are going to challenge ourself (or it is just me?) to climb up 268 steps up to get a close look at the Buddha Statue.

Looking at those steps already make my legs shaking....*Why dont I go those cafe sip coffee while wait for you guys? Call me after you're done* Haha...nola, I didnt say that. I dont want to die there.... For sure my cousin will kill me :)

So, I braved myself and climbed up those steps...On the way, saw a few warning sign.
 Do Not Climb
Be Careful, Dont pray pray...steps are very steep.

I think they need to put another sign: Dont look down (it's damn scary, ok?) when you're half way.

Yessss....almost there. A few more steps....Gosh, it's getting really cold up here. I've to put on my superglove aka lui sat sau's glove. My hands were FREEZING!!
The Buddha appears serene and dignified.....
The mighty bronze Tian Tan Buddha Statue sitting on a lotus throne.

The statue is surrounded by six smaller bronze statues known as "The Offering of the Six Devas". Each of them was holding offerings of flowers, incense, a lamp, ointment, fruit and music to express her tribute to the Buddha.

Soon it's getting dark and temperature dropped now, my hands trembling even thou I wore a thick pair leather glove. I turned into ice-statue again, barely can move.
Slowly, I took my own sweet time going down the steps. Remember I already turn half ice statue?....until my cousin took this picture of me and yelling at me to make it quick... Haha....

We took cable car and MTR back to city and soon it's dinner time again. We spotted this Hui Lau San dessert restaurant chain almost everywhere we went. Since we had a full vegetarian lunch earlier, we thought we'll just have a light dinner.  
I curi picture again ^.^ hick hick

My cousin ordered 多芒小丸子 (Glutinous Rice Balls in Mango Juice with Extra Mango). Look at those yummy glutinous balls, mango ice cream and mango cubes...I'm salivating now. Uhh la la.....
But too bad, I didnt get taste of it. Why? because by now, my throat begin to swell and getting really itchy. Mmm, sign of 4-heavenly-king going to pay me a visit soon. (4 heavenly king = Sore throat, coughing, flu and fever) :( :( :(

And so I ordered this boring looking thing. Haaiii...all the way to Hong Kong, all the way to Hui Lau San and all I did was order this hot soupy dessert. And now I even forgot what it's called.....something double-boiled pear with rock sugar and snow jelly (suet kap).
I dont have a choice, as I've already started coughing on my second day in HK, I dont want to accelerate the rest of my 'visitors' to come and visit me. I WANNA STAY ALIVE!

Curry with a lot of stuffs ie sotong balls, octopus tentacles, cow stomach, radish....I think I took one sotong ball. Curry...bad for my sore throat ler...

Roti Canai. Haha...all the way to Hong Kong to order a roti canai. I hate to say this but amazingly, the roti canai taste very good :) Really good. It was fluffy, crispy and light, but slighly oily. I would say "Thumbs up for Hong Kong Roti Canai" LOLZ...

The highlight of our dinner is this. 瑞士鸡翼 - Switzerland Chicken Wing or Swiss Chicken Wing. I doubt they have this kinda chicken wing in Switzerland thou. Haha... This was soooo good. Aromatic, sweet, tender chicken flesh just dropped down from the bone. GOOD...
We even have second round of this.
Yes, I curi again :)

With full stomach, we walked around, walked back to our hotel, bath (oh.... I hate the bathing part) and get a good night sleep. The moment my head hit the pillow, it sent me straight to La La Land.


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