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Day 5 - Hong Kong

Day 3 in Hong Kong.

Time really flies when you are having a good time. I've been enjoying myself very much except the bathing part and the weather. Never in my life have to deal with such a cold weather before. Sometimes, I can feel my lungs turn into ice blocks too... By now I miss wearing just T-shirt and short for any outing back home :) Guess this little things that I've always taken for granted.....

Destination : Wong Tai Sin 黄大仙 Temple

I woke up around 8:30am and couldn't get back to sleep anymore. Both my cousin and aunt were still sleeping 'khor khor khor'... Missing Caleb like crazy. Took my phone and started browsing through Caleb's pictures. One by one...The more I look at those pictures the more overwhelming I become. Haizzz....mother....

Anyway, today our plan is to have breakfast at Australian Dairy Company at Parkes Street. A very well known place among hongkies for good and cheap breakfast particularly their scrambled egg. Hmm...hmmm...

We took MTR all the way from Wan Chai and alighted at Jordan MTR station. As it was Sunday morning, most of the seats inside the MTR were empty. We were glad that we dont have to squeeze in and out or fight for seat. :)

After we alighted, we strolled around looking for Australian Dairy Company big signboard as we know it just around the corner.

The only time a street in Hong Kong as deserted as this.

I just love the display.

We found the shop after we walked for awhile and we nearly had our jaws dropped. The queue was unbelievable LONG!

The queue took almost 4 shoplots and by the time we queue up at the end, we were at shoplot no. 5. If jk is there and when he see the queue this long, I'm sure he will drag me somewhere else to have breakfast. Definitely no queuing for him. He's such an impatient guy and I can expect to hear alot of bee buzzing around if I insist on the queue... wei, good food need to wait one ma. LOLZZ...

Anyway, despite the long queue, we were given table after we waited for less than 10 minutes. The turnaround rate is fast! We know that we need to gulp down our food as fast as possible just to be competitive with all those people around, haha.

We sat down and joined a girl who was waiting for her food. She was alone. As we were browsing through the menu, the waiter seem impatient.

We quickly settle for 2 sets of breakfast set consist of toast bread, scramble egg, macaroni with ham and coffee. We wanted to add in something else and we were like "errr...." then the waiter said "you think first" and zoom. He vanished in thin air. We looked at each other in puzzle. The girl who sat with us smile and said:

"Is like that, eating here you have to make up your mind fast, else they will walk away without your order. They are always in hurry."
This picture doesn't do any justice on how crowd it was. Just x5 in the whole picture.
I kid you not!

First serve, macaroni with shredded ham. Such a weird combination. The soup was salty and the pasta was kinda tender. It's nothing special. Ham tasted just like ham.

But I know the main spotlight is this. The Scrambled Egg.

Our scrambled egg comes with half piece of toasted bread. We were stunned when we had our first bite on the scrambled egg. We just looked at each other....speechless. This has to be the MOST FREAKING AMAZING scramble egg in the world. I'm not kidding nor exaggerating on my words. Eggs are DAMN GOOD!

You gotta believe me. At least try to believe me. :)

Their scrambled eggs are the lightest, fluffiest and oh-so-moist with perfectly seasoned. I didnt know a simple dish can taste this good! Oh...god. I'm planning for my 2nd trip to Hong Kong again, just to eat their scrambled egg. If I'm destined to die tomorrow, this will be my final meal: ADC SCRAMBLED EGG.

We proceed to Wong Tai Sin temple via MTR again. It's so easy to get anywhere via MTR in Hong Kong.

We reached Wong Tai Sin Temple in about 20 minutes. The moment we stepped out from MTR station, it was so crowded with people. It is one of the most iconic temples in Hong Kong, famed for “answering” the prayers among believers. But luck was not on our side

Wong Tai Sin went out 'bersiar-siar' because today is His 90th anniversary celebration. Temple is gonna closed until 1pm. :(  It was so crowded and we were basically brushing shoulders with everyone there. Luckily the weather is cold and nobody is sweating. I can't imagine if ...errrr.....the smell, all the sweat transfered to you...yucks! Nuff said.

Even thou Wong Tai Sin not around, people were still praying outside, on street. Policemen were standing everywhere trying to control the crowds. was like Justin Bieber having a concert.
So, we went to Lung Cheung Plaza which located next to the temple. We walked around just to pass time while waiting for the temple to re-open again.

This time I didnt join them for the praying because I want to carry on with my shopping spree. Oh, I love shopping alone. :)

By now, I have 'a best friend' which I couldnt live without....
Oh yea, it's King-to Nin Chin Ngang Jiun Pui Pei Pa Koa.....
I love Hong Kong's Pei Pa Koa because it comes in convenient pack. It was damn convenient ler. What I did was took 3-4 packets and stuffed it in my bag. So, whenever my sore throat or my cough become unbearable, I just took one, tore open and begin to suck away. baby sucking on pacifier.

Very good. :)

We proceeded to Mong Kok via MRT for lunch. So, what's for lunch?
This picture taken when we suppose to cross the street together but as we were walking towards it, the light suddenly change from green to yellow and very fast, it turned to red. I zoomed across and begin to look left and right for any police officer. Heard their traffic law is damn strict ler...

And this what she took of me at the other side of the road. Haha...

Lunch for today @ Hoi Wong Porridge Shop 
My cousin become the Si Tau Poh and did the ordering. :)

 My hot Soya Bean Milk drink....Duhhh..boring!

 Fried Mee hoon.

 Oh la porridge to warm our tummy instantly.

 I really love their porridge. Silky smooth porridge....wahhhh....I'm hungry tim.

Last but not least, the char leong again. :)

What to do after full meal? Need to walk walk again la. This time, itinery said we are going to Ladies Street and Flower Street.

As CNY is just around the corner, every stalls were selling the same thing. Nothing's interesting.... 

And we proceed to Flower Street, to see flowers. Nothing but flowers....mmmmm idea

 Still no idea...

 Lagi no idea...

Eh? I tot this suppose to be something of vegetable? No ar?

I give up... 

Anyway, we suppose to go to our next destination which was Goldfish Street where you can see alot of shops selling fishes, frogs, fishes and fishes, but we kinda lost with our printed google map. Really walked until my backbone going to break in two pieces. At last, we decided just let it be. It's fated that we can't go there to enjoy fishes. Hahaha....

Next, hopped on to MTR to Yau Ma Tei for our dinner. And since we were very early, I think around 5:30pm, our targeted place to eat haven't start for business yet. We walked to a park and just sat on the benches.

Pheewww.....what a relief to my backbone. After a while, my backbone joined back. Wahahaha...kidding kidding. ^^
I love my cousin's photographing technique. I look slimmer than actual. Hahaha

This is the place where we going to have our dinner. Heng Kee Claypot Rice.

Still to early after we spend almost 1h sitting at the park :( So, we just waited nearby. Heard that this place served the best Claypot rice for over 20 years in Temple Streets.

After waited for half an hour, finally....we got place to sit down. All seats were filled up in less than 10 minutes. Geng leh....
It's up to you how much soya sauce and chilli you want to put it in you rice.

We went for the basic one: Chicken and Chinese Sausage Claypot Rice

and the not so basic one: Eel Claypot rice.
Aiyo...why so stingy with the eels? See? Just a few strands only. :(
Overall, it was very good, no doubt. Rice was frangant with the right consistency of hardness. I hate those mushy typw that makes me eating 'glue' instead of rice.

Luckily we ordered a few side dishes. We can eat it just like when we are eating 'tai chow' back at home :)
 Oh, my favourite. Sweet and sour pork. THIS IS HEAVEN!!!

 Fried Oyster pancake. Quite good when dipped in chilli sauce but tad too oily for me.

Stir-fry kangkung with belacan. Damn nice...

Are you all drooling yet? :)

Our next stop. Arena of Stars @ Tsim Sha Tsui.
Magnificient view....with

broken legs and backbone...with

fucking cold weather *&#^%$@

ok ok...stop swearing. At least the view is really beautiful :)

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