Saturday, February 28, 2009

Homemade chicken essence

Who have thought that me, yes me..... know how to do all these things where I don't usually stepped into kitchen to help my mom to cook last time :)

Anyway, this is the setting on how to get the essence. Washed and drained the whole chicken (it is actually a 'kampung chicken' brought back from my hometown), put it on a strainer and the whole thing put inside a big steel basin bowl. Steamed it for one and half hour, the essence of one whole bird will drip down and to be collect in this steel basin.

The smell is heavenly.......

Whole chicken and you'll only get maybe around 1 rice bowl of essence. precious. LOL

After you've tried this, you wont turn into those normal pre-packed commercialize chicken essence anymore..... I'm so so sure :D

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