Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blueberry Muffins

Muffin monster striked me yesterday ..... I dont know why but that urge kinda like 'let me have it or you'll die' kinda thing. Serious huh? :)

It's pretty hot out there but that's not gonna stop me from going out and bought all the stuffs needed to make one.

After had an early lunch at nearby coffeeshop, sent jk back to the office and I went to 'Bake with Yen' shop in Puchong. Picked up all the ingredient like self raising flour, vanilla essence, castor sugar, muffin cups. Then I saw some pre-packed raisin and I thought, what the heck, raisin inside the muffin instead of blurberry also nice wert (as requested by jk la) but still muffin monster said "I WANT BLUEBERRY MUFFIN!!".

Been searching for awhile for blueberry pre-packed but couldnt find it. I asked one of the salesgirl around there and she said "sudah habis la" Darn!! :x

How? How? Muffin monster grumbling again... "Blueberry...blueberry...."

Ha Ha...I saw they are also sell those pre-packed muffin mixed. Kiwi mixed, orange, banana, poppyseed and and yes! blueberry muffin mixed..... and YOU SAVE MY DAY....WTF!!.

Oh yes! happily...happily...

Came back home, transfered my Haier oven out from somewhere hidden, getting ready some melted butter, eggs and water - as per the instruction. Poured out the mixture from packet, add everything inside, stir-stir-stir and's ready to pour into muffin cups. Oh...this is so easy. Even Caca know how to do this.... :) lolololol

Baking inside the oven but alas! the batter spilled out all over the cups. I must have put too much batter inside. Who cares.... this is my first time baking muffins, amateur ma...

Tadaa....after 20 minutes, the muffins ready to be served.

I wallopped 3 muffins at one go...and muffins monster said " burppppssss...ooppssss....."
hahaha... another happy day :D

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