Sunday, February 28, 2010

Caught in camera

Caleb become more and more mobile nowadays. He can crawl very fast. When I said fast, it was like a speed of lightning. One second he was here and next second he was there licking god-knows-what...

That day, he was trying to crawl from the mattress on the floor to his blue bouncer and to the floor again. Watch this...

from the mattress, he was trying to grab the bouncer after feeling bored playing with his Fisher-Price: 2 in 1 Musical Turtle Gym

 yeah...half of the body succeed. Coming thru coming thru....

maybe I'll adjust a lil bit just to make it easier to go up.

Mmm...lick first

continue with the journey

yeah...almost there

now only left the legs part, I must try HARDER....

Okok..I'm in I'm in

Aiks!! how to come down?? Waaaa


Mami, are you going to sit there and continue take pictures?
Mami: Oh yes, my son.. (ngek ngek)


I'll try again and again..

ok ok..relax and think of something...

Oh..I think I've got it!


Ooopppssss....wanna fall down already!

Oh, I land safely ... to the remote control.

Eh..this is not bad at all.

Pheeewwww...another tough mission accomplish!

Better think of what's next!

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