Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I bought online

1. Fisher-Price: 2 in 1 Musical Turtle Gym from Littlewhiz

See, Caleb is so happy playing with it. He better be happy cause it dont come cheap, ok?

Caleb wants attention all the time, doesnt matter carry him, talk to him or make monkey face at him, as long as there is somebody entertain him, he wont whine/yell/scream (cry is mild action,ok?)

Who so free to attend to him 24/7 we bought this hoping that it can occupied him for a while (so that I and the rest of the family can go do other things )

So far okla...he can spend around half an hour playing with it.

First, it got 3 heights that you can adjust for storage, mid position for bat-at play and low to ground position for tummy play. Next it come with 3 different hanging toys particularly a snail, a duck, a frog and a mirror reflected his own face (I caught him having a conversation to the mirror once...cute :D)

Everytime he kick the duck with 3 clackers, there'll be a music and light comes along. Got 3 different type of music too. Not those typical ear-piercing-irritating music but kind of soothing one. Good investment!

Rating: 8/10

2. Angel mama Bottom Balm and Baby Powder (without talc content of course) from Little Green Buddies.

ThisAngel mama balm smell heavenly and it works like magic too. It suppose to use on diaper rash but so far Caleb did not have any. So, I use it when I see he got mosquito bites. Red and big bumps on his hands, legs or head, yup, his botak head stung by mosquito sometimes. The next day, the redness disappeared! Bump also not there anymore. So good....

It says on the bottle that this amazing balm does double duty as "first-aid-in-a-jar" for the whole family to use on minor cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns and more. Amazing hor....

Gaia Baby Powder is free from talc, artificial colour and fragrance. All ingredients are derived from organic and natural sources. As baby skins is still delicate, so I dont mind to pay a little bit extra for his organic toiletries... I tell you, it worth it.

I use it on Caleb's neck, armpit and nappy area to absorb those excess moisture built up because this little guy sweat a lot ohh....especially those skin folds on his neck.

The owner is so nice that she straight away send it to jk's office after, of course payment has been made. Jk bring it back for me over the weekend. Not bad, see, she even put it into a nice packaging.Definitely will buy from her again.
Rating: 9/10
3. Bibs from momsbestgift
I've checked so many website selling Carter's bib and I found them got the lowest price. They got various of designs to choose from and these is what I got for Caleb...
Close up on those bibs:
This one suit Caleb the best. "Hungry Saurus" When Saurus hungry, they ROAR! GRRR! ans CHOMP! Yes, Caleb like that when he is

At first I thought to get some daddy's wording to get Caleb closer to his daddy. But his daddy said this look like prisoner wor....see la, see la... SighNice meh?

Caleb was born under Leo sign of the zodiac. So, this bib suit him the best. Roaarrrrrr!!!!

It serve its purpose though...but due to Caleb's neck still quite small and the opening of the bib is fix, sometimes when Caleb spill milk after his meal, the milk got into his neck and cloth soaking wet. But it work when Caleb is drooling...

Rating: 7/10

I just love online shops... :)


JK said...

Good, buy more lah. See when i will go bankrupt.

Wabbitfoot said...

dont worry...not that easy go bankrupt one

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