Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 3-months-old birthday

Caleb turn 3 months today.

Pink colour nice leh...

People will say "Wow..time flies hor. So fast already 3 months already"

But if you are the one who taking care and facing the chaotic of such a demanding and challenging baby, you should be saying: "Aiiii....only 3 months, by the way, when can he start crawl ar?"

Right now Caleb can be really smiley when you smile or talk to him. He talks a lot too particularly if you reply everything he said, as if both of you are having a conversation. His favourite sentence is "Aaaaahhhh.......gooooooo" and if you reply him with "aaaaahhh gooooo" he will chuckle loudly and get excited, waving his arm and kicking his leg. Sometimes he can squeal very loud.

All these happy scene last only momentarily... his mood change into thunderstorm in a matter of seconds.

As he is turning 3 months now, we got a surprise for him. That is taking his naked pictures...haha

I'm a big boy now. See I can stand my birthday suit :D

It's all your Ah Mah's idea, ok?


JK said...

Waaahhhh..why post picture like that..not good ohh

Wabbitfoot said...

he only smile when taking his naked pictures. maybe he's happy because good thing have to share with ppl one ma...haha

Sujean said...

wakaka... Caleb go nude... :P

Wabbitfoot said...

oh yea...his ah mah's idea

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