Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caleb's hair cut day

Caleb's hair has been very fine and curly and very very little since he was born. Every strand is sooo refine, just like mine. In fact you can see right through his scalp. Yea, is that rare!

We'd normally bring him to hair salon to get it fixed in about 1.5 - 2 months time. His father's favourite salon where he frequent since he was a teenager. :)

Everytime, he woke up looking like this:

My mom exclaimed: "Aiyooo..... so cute, like 'crazy guy', dont' cut the hair la...!" each time she saw him looking like this.

But he hates it whenever his fringe touches his eyebrow. And when his head flaring up like a hot potato on warm, sunny day, the sweat is tickling down every strand of his hair. I guess long hair constraint more heat than short hair eh, no?

Anyway, before we came back, we took him for hair cut at the favourite salon.

He sits soooo quietly on the chair. We were surprised. The last few times we took him for  his hair cut, he was squirming around, yanking that piece of cloth off, keep on wanting to jump down.

But this time, he was steady. Hahaha...looking into the mirror and his eyes drawn together all the time. Looks like he was intense and scare of the sissor flying around his head.

"Hey uncle, go easy on that pair of sissor, will ya?"

No wailing, no screaming, not even move an inch! WAUUU...bravo, bravo...

I intended to reward him with an ice cream on the way back but the shop that we went in DIDN'T sell ice cream. Ohhh..what a bummer. We went in Watsons, wtf.... haha... 

The final outcome. Quite leng chai also ma..right? No more 'crazy guy' look already :))


Irene said...

I dunno if it is a boy thing but my son also very easy and relax on the barber chair, no crying, no squirming... Unlike the sister when she was his age... Hahahaha... Yes, Caleb is still lengchai!

yvonne said...

Oo~ both my kids never visited any barber before. All the hair cuts are done by me or my mom, kekeke... I think my boy would scream if stranger touches his hair :p

Hmm, Caleb looks neater and cute after the hair cut *wink*

Sujean said...

Wah... big boy de... know how to sit diam diam n gey nice hair cut... bravo... clap clap clap from yi yi~!!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

wow he can sit so quietly there! i hope he doesnt get frightened there ><

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Cas said...

Way to go Caleb!! I can totally relate, Sairah's hair is getting so long but she wont let me cut it and I'm afraid to take her to the hair salon, dont know how she gonna react. Btw your son looks like he has nice brown hair!

Wabbitfoot said...

@Irene: hahaha....ya, maybe it's boy thing. They are more 'cow' compare to the girls...

@yvonne: Thanks...more lengchai and more boyish. If not, all ppl mistaken him as a 'she' :)

@sujean: Yes, ur little boyfriend really big boy already.

@Fish: haha..he looks frighten more than relax right? XD

@Cas: Sairah's hair is sooo dark and a lot. She really got a beautiful hair. Just like you :)
Yes, Caleb's hair is brown and sometimes under the sunlight, it's RED...:)

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