Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hazey Dazey

The haze was so terrible few days ago. We closed all windows and hibernated inside our house for 5 days. Even that I got itchy in my throat and eyes. Caleb was down with running nose, coughing with phlegm and nose blocked at night.

This 2 pictures was taken from my 11th floor apartment. It was so bloody scary. I can't see things that I would normally see. Everything is so blur, dark, sad, gloomy....exactly like doom day!

I don't like it. I can't breath properly and got really paranoid. Is the door closed? How about the window in the bathroom? Should we get face mask? Should we get another air purifier? Caleb, drink water!! Boiled a lot of chrysanthemum tea and paranoid in getting everybody to drink it.

I was praying for rain to come. I never like rain. I mean rain is wet, messy and dirty and I can't get anywhere without getting my shoes and feet wet.

But I appreciate rain now. Please, let it pour.......

At last, it rained yesterday and we were so happy. I wish we could go out jump and dance in rain but that would be a very bad idea. Rain water at this moment contained a lot of chemical, I pressume?

So, today, the sky looks so clear. I can see clouds and sunshine. Light blue sky, white cloud......oh!

It hits me how we always took thing for granted. Nothing is forever. The air we always breath in, the rain which pour like dog shits, the freaking sunlight which burns my skin.....everything.

Now I appreciate them a lot more. :)

And oh, found this video in youtube and it quite hilarious. Enjoy!

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mun said...

Ya, the haze was really bad. Hopefully it is now gone with the rain and stay that way.

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