Saturday, June 29, 2013

Belated Father's Day

This post is wayyyy back on Father's day.

I bought a voucher from Groupon site for 3-day children's holiday programme consists of art and craft, cooking and Dance class at only RM69.

Mmmm...3 classes for RM69 seem worth it, right? The only downside is we have to drive all the way from Puchong to Mutiara Damansara to attend it. That is, I don't know, like 25km away?

Anyway, I called them up and booked a slot for Caleb on the father's day weekend. I asked if I can book 2 slots in a day and surprisingly they said ok because in their terms and conditions, it stated they only allowed 1 class/day. time and petrol on that.

So, Caleb attended dance and art class. I didn't take any pictures on the dance class because apparently Caleb was too shy (can you believe it? he's shy wor) to join in with all the kids dancing. He just cling with me on the floor watching them dancing. Great, there goes my RM23.....

The next class is art and craft class. I went in with him and he's ok sitting on the chair and listen to instructions. I let him settle down and left him after a few minutes told him that I'll be outside should he need to see my face me.

Hi baby, mami is here! Took this picture just outside the room in the waiting area.

Good, he is concentrating. Luckily he didn't jumping up and down or going haywire like that.

The theme that day was 'A gift for father's day', so this is it. The end product..... beautifully wrapped up in fishy warping paper.

It is actually a book. Cute huh.... shirt with buttons and necktie.

Probably next year (MAY!) I'd get him going for another round of art and craft class :)

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mun said...

I guess Caleb's father is very pleased with the gift Caleb made for him. Good that Caleb can concentrate so well at this young age and follow the teacher's instructions.

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