Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lack of updates

It's been a week since my mil gone back hence explained the lack update.

Having say that I'm still well, alive and kicking managing housework, laundry, partially cooking and cleaning and of course simple baking. Thank god Caleb had started daycare since a month ago that kinda took of some 'pressure' off my shoulder.

And now there's no Monday blue for me, instead I have Saturday and Sunday blues. Hahaha......because that is the time when Caleb hoo-haa jumping around at home and sometimes I have to manage both of them alone. Last Sunday I told jk "Gosh....I'm famished. Luckily tomorrow is Monday" wtf lol.

For the past one week, every morning after we dropped off Caleb at school, we proceed for breakfast with Caven stuck on me like a koala bear. Most of the time, he sleeps snugly in the Boba 3G baby carrier.

Last week, we had Chicken Rice at BBQ Soon Hing. Apart from nice charred BBQ Char Siew and Siew Yuk and of course roasted chicken, they have a very nice springy Wan Tan Meen as well.

We ate this at 8:30am. Would you eat something this heavy  for breakfast? :)

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mun said...

Glad to read your new post. I've eaten wanton mee at BBQ Soon Hing before. The taste is nice but portion is small. I cannot eat rice at 8.30am because stomach not open yet, hehehe.

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