Friday, October 19, 2012

Caleb's Sport Day

Last Saturday, it was Caleb's sport day and graduation ceremony  for the year 2012. The hall loaded with people, mostly parents and students by the time we reached. Boy....Caleb was excited meeting up with his friends.

On the way going to the hall

This is his classmates. A bunch of little kiddos waiting for performance. For 3yo class, they were only 8 of them and divided into 2 group, each consists of 3-4 kids. Caleb was in pink team, notice the headband? Looks like 'sakai' right? Hahaha....

He was holding on their team flag, ready for marching out :)

 Now, everybody marching out...left, left right left, left, left right left. He looked so cute while marching. He took it very seriously. Haha....

Still marching...
The graduates receiving their certificate :)

And soon, it was activities time. For 3yo, there were only 2 activities prepared for them. One is ball threading game and another is numbers matching game.

For ball threading game, they need to run off with a thin rope in hand to a designated basket with balls. Each of them will have to string the ball through and ran back, high five the following team member before went to the back, queueing up again. 

Caleb's team lost the match, due to one girl in his team which preferred to walk instead of run :(....... But still, it was fun watching Caleb running through out the match and also able to take instruction very very well. Good boy!

Next, the numbers matching game.

His team lost this match as well. Ohhhh........ya, it was the 'siew che' again. In the end he got 2 silver trophies.

It doesn't really matter who win or lose, in the end I'm proud of my son for his team spirit and his enthusiasm toward sport. That is what most matter to me :)

 Now, what should I do with these?

'Kok-kok-kok' like this? 

Good job Caleb!

I shall post some of his pictures happily playing with his bunch of classmates. All small kecik meow playing , shouting and sweating....


Cynful Pleasure said...

Caleb enjoys the day? He seems so happy running... :D

my girl hasn't got her chance for sport day. The playschool has concerts every year, and guess next year will still be concert year for her.

Wabbitfoot said...

Ya, what they enjoy the most is running. Run, run, run :)

Cynthia, by the way, how old is your princess ya? Ohhh...concerts. I love kid's concert too :)

yvonne said...

I bet Caleb is having a wonderful time during his Sport's Day~

mommy to chumsy said...

awww...what a cutie. i love seeing the little ones on their sports day or concert :) good job Caleb.

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