Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Backdated post: A lil update on me

I was feeling really hungry this afternoon and I cooked myself a very big bowl of maggi mee. Hak! :D I know...I'm poisoning the baby again. But not my fault la because I can hear the baby is pestering me to cook it and eat it.... Maggi mee....Maggi mee...I want you, I want you :) wahahaha...

I've been craving for maggi mee for a while now. Just the whiff of the aroma emitted was aaddictive and luring enough. How could someone made it so deadly lethal and delicious at the same time? The greatest invention of all. :) Agree?

So, today I cooked 2 packets of maggi mee! Ha ha ha....crazy. To neutralize my guilt, I throw in some vegetables. Nope, didn't lessen my guilt at all.

Just an update: (I suppose to update this 2 weeks ago...)
I'm in week 30 now. Tummy is huge (yes, again. What's new?) and I've put on another 2kg in just 3 weeks. Went for check up last Friday and Obs confirmed to me again it's a boy by showing me his kukubird (again!) Ok, ok....I get it.

At week 30, belly diameter 42"

Baby's weight is almost 1.5kg now. Position is quite low and which is why I always have the urge to poo and pee throughout the day and night. Night trips to the bathroom is about 3-4 times. I can't manage to walk too far and need to stop every few minutes to huff and puff. Walking is torturous and tiring.....

And he kick me with no mercy. Kick? Mmm...I need more serious verb. He did tornado inside me, scratch my bladder and I think he is gonna rip me off from inside, crawl out with my guts and blood, just like an alien. Hahaha....sorry, I didnt scared you, did I? Pardon me, this mommy is not thinking straight now. :))

Sigh, sometimes I wished he'd come out earlier, but isn't that mean he would be born a premie?

No, nobody wants that and so I'm just gonna bear enjoy it. My, my....I'm going into kitchen and make some tea now. Anybody to join me?


yvonne said...

I was craving for maggi mee too when I was pregnant with my kiddos last time.

I don't know what's wrong with my taste bud then. The funny thing is, I no longer crave for instant noodles after I delivered.

Mommy to Chumsy said... fast week 30 already. it's ok to eat a lot and eat what you crave for during pregnancy :) maggi mee is yummy.

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