Friday, June 21, 2013

The little story of the little Caven

Caven oh Caven....You are officially 6 months now. How time flies....

Mami remember how excited we were in the morning of 10th Dec 2012. Me and your dadi had our breakfast at Oldtown White Coffee (what's new,right?) at 9am. We went to hospital after our brekkie but the person who gonna pull you out said mami was suppose to stop eating at 9am. Mami argued with him saying that he gave the wrong information but he insisted he did not. Oh well, better shut up or else mami's stitches is going to be like 'Frankenstein'.
 Instant noodle with sausage and fried egg and Ice white coffee.

Mami remember how mami was being tied down with devices showing your heart beat on the monitor, on the bed, waiting anxiously for your grand arrival.

Mami remember how tiny you were when you first came out. You smile at mami for the first time and mami's heart just melted because you are so beautiful. You got a perfect fingers and perfect toes. You got a lot of hair and that's what makes mami happy the most. You really look exactly like kor kor, except of the hair part. :)
You @ 2 days old

Mami remember how kor kor first met you in the hospital. He was so excited because he knew you got a big present waiting for him.
You @ 1 day old

You were constantly fed with formula milk by the nurses because they claimed you were a big, fat, heavy eater baby and your mami got no milk. (Please la, just give some time for the milk to come in, wil'ya?) Thinking back, you are fat, aren't you suppose to have alot more reserve?

And your paed in Sunway Medical Center was telling us you got don't-know-what-sort of medical problem/infection that needed to stay in nursery all night to monitor your face (they said you face turned blue once and that's enough made mami and dadi shat in our pant). They kept you there for the whole night and mami didn't have the chance to breastfeed you.

You were put on drips for antibiotic. Mami hates it because they put a big arse needle into your tiny hand. Mami heart broke into thousand pieces. After 3 freaking days, you turned out to be ok.

Dadi whisked us to Bonda Villa Confinement Centre on the 4th day. The best confinement centre ever because mami got to breastfeed you with the correct way. Thanks to Auntie Gina and Auntie Shirley. But since you were fed with a lot of formula milk in the hospital by the nurses, you latched on poorly and that resulting in getting not much milk and mami got sore nipple. You didn't poo for the longest 10 days and your pee was minimal. But we kept on trying and mami kept on latching you without fail and finally everything is fine. There's pee (wooopie!) in your diaper and there's POO (*doing breakdance at the background*) and mami was so so happy when mami saw your poo. Best poo ever! Oppss....forgot to take picture.


Mami had the best confinement there with 6 meals a day, soft comfy bed, met with other mommies and you were really well taken care of.
Breakfast on bed.

Some of the great mommies. Auntie Lauren Lai and Auntie Sherry. We are still keeping in touch with each other and even planned for a yearly gathering. Every year on the December because that's when our baby celebrating birthday. Niceee....

Mami's wide spread of foods for lunch and dinner everyday.

Mami even found you a girlfriend! Hi Olivia......!
You @ 2 weeks old

Your electrical eyes never fail to melt mami's heart.
You @ 1 week old

Your first outing to Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. We didn't expect to bring you out so soon but since CNY is just around the corner and mami desperately needs some new clothing. Mami don't think mami can fit into any of mami's clothing in the wardrobe anymore.
You @ 2 months old

Mami remember your first laugh on the couch. Dadi was not around to witness this. Oppsss....too bad.
You @ 2 months 2 weeks

We balded you when you were 3 months old. Your dadi doesn't want in the first place but your hair was really spiky and dropped quite a lot. Maybe we were quite naive in thinking that you might have a good night sleep after you were bald :) Nope, it didn't happen. You still woke me up 4 times.
You @ 3 months old

Mami remember you did your dolphin flip when you were 3 months 3 weeks old at Ah Ma's house. You were so cute because you always yelled for help everytime your hand stuck underneath. Mami helped you each time, well almost. Sometimes mami just sit at the back and chuckled at you. :)
You @ 3 months 3 weeks old.

Literally you were all over the place when you were just about 6 months old. Boy, you can crawl really fast. 2 weeks later, you were cruising around the house without much struggling. Mami can foreseen you will be just like wind in no time. "Now you see me, now you don't"
You @ 6 months

You just started your first solid food few days ago. Mami made you a avocado puree with a little bit of breastmilk. You like it. In just 3 days, you were gulping it down like a pro!
You @ 6 months 2 weeks

You are one amazing baby and mami hope mami can witness more of your 'first time' in time to come. May you will be bless with good health and happiness.

Love you baby!


mun said...

What a heartwarming story of Caven. He must be having a very nice dream to be smiling in his sleep at 2 days old. He is just so adorable. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos.

Wabbitfoot said...

Thanks mun :)

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