Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sit baby sit

Caleb is learning how to sit without support recently. Most of the time he succeed, but only for like 20 seconds. After that he'll begin to stumble and finally 'plonked' on the ground. Sometimes he fall on the mat but sometimes he fall straight on the floor. If that the case, you'll expect a 'square-shaped' mouth and followed by ... "Waaaaaaaaaa"

See those colourful bugs on his leg? Yes, and on his wrist too. His Lamaze rattles. Most of the time, it will keep him occupied while we were out eating. How he play with it? He'll stuff into his mouth and thus cause all the bugs drenched with his saliva...mmm..nicey
See my cheeky face. to put it in my mouth? Let me think...
Mommy...cannot leh, can you help me?
Zhai ar zhai (son oh son)....why everything need to put into the mouth one....

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