Thursday, February 4, 2010

Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bibs giveway...

Now that Caleb has been starting solid, wearing bib on each of his meal time playing an important role in the whole process.

First, as soon as the bib around the nexk, he will know that it is "FEEDING TIME". No matter how hard he cried while I'm preparing the milk or porridge, once I stepped out from the kitchen and put on his bib, he will shut up for awhile. Then he will start focusing on the bottle or bowl. You have less than 5 sec to begin the feeding process or else....he will start yelling and squirming again. Yea, that's my boy!

and second, removing the bib followed by wiping the mouth indicating that "FEEDING TIME" is over and he will start to yell and squirm again. boy... : I

I came across Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bibs from MieVee's blog on her reviews on how great they works.

Now, let me see her reviews on all the pros.

1. Wide coverage across his entire shoulders
- Very good point. Caleb always turn his head around during feeding time. Sometimes when he heard some sound at the back, his head turned 180 deg to the back. (not really 180 deg la, you think he is owl meh? lolz) So, whatever left over in his mouth will splurge out to his shirt on the shoulder. Bib covering the shoulder is a good point.

2. Relatively absorbent on the top layer and waterproof lining at the back keeping the wetness away from his clothes.
- Very important. After he finished the porridge normally I will feed him some water from the spoon. As usual this caterpillar cannot keep still. The head still turning left, right, left, right and all water drip down to his neck and cloth. So, superb absorbent bib is important for my caterpillar....

3. Bib comes with teether?

- Mmm...that's something new. As Caleb has only one mouth, he need it to eat his porridge then what is the use of the teether anyway. right? Wrong...hahaha He can be really muti-tasking. One spoon porridge, 1 finger inside the mouth, another spoon porridge, 2 fingers inside the mouth, another spoon porridge, the left foot inside the mouth, you got the idea... So, a hanging teether is a great idea because that will keep his hand busy ( I still havent figure out on how to tackle the foot part, oh well..) And the best part is the teether is made from TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) which is BPA-free.

Now there is a giveaway going on at mummyreviews's blog

*this is copied from mummyreviews's blog
Win Your Own
FIVE (5) lucky subscribers will win a Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bib worth S$13.20 each! This is how to participate:

Subscribe to Mummy’s Reviews in a reader or via email (existing subscribers counted)
Send an email to me with the following information:
Your name
Facebook nickname, if any
Choice of favourite Naforye Multi-Function Baby Bib design (Visit here)
Blog / Website URL, if any

To get EXTRA entries:
1 extra entry: First 3 participants (Hurry!)
1 extra entry: Become Mummy’s Reviews fan on Facebook (existing fans counted)
5 extra entries: Share this Giveaway on your blog / website and link it back to Mummy’s Reviews

Oh and this giveaway is open to subcribers with a mailing address in Singapore or West Malaysia.
~~Until 28th February 2010~~

I'M SOOO in love with this...PICK ME!! PICK ME!! (*waving hand in the sky and jumping upside down)

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MieVee @ said...

Hi Sueann, thank you very much for sharing Mummy's Reviews' Giveaway in such an interesting way. Good luck and have a great weekend ahead! :)

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