Friday, December 3, 2010

At 16 months, he can...

1. understand the meaning of bathing time. Whenever I said "ok, time for pom pom", he'd stood up and leave everything behind, took his towel and waited for me in front of my bedroom door. When I opened the door, with towel dragging on the floor he'd straight walked into the bathroom.

2. understand the meaning of hungry, eat, drink water and milk. He nodded his head whenever I asked him if he's hungry. I dont know if he's really hungry or I've just trigger his mind on food. When it comes to food, he would whacked up just about everything.

3. understand the meaning of 'no more' and 'finish'. Depends on what food he's eating. If porridge, then it's ok. If it banana he will bang his butt, scream, whine, cry and curve his body backway. Sometimes I gave in, but other time, finish means finish. Cannot everything also give in one ma, right?

4. bark like a dog 'woo..' 'woo...' 'woo...' without the 'f' sound, whenever we asked him 'Caleb, dog how?'

5. make 'vroom' 'vroom' 'vroom' sound when we asked him 'Caleb. car car how?' or automatic when he saw cars passing by.

6. meow like a cat too...need more practise on this. :) Basically his meowing is like the cat dont have enough eat. (currently I'm teaching him to roar like a tiger...)

7. bring his potty to me (when I asked him if he want to poo) after his morning milk for poo poo.

8. clap his hand, stomp his feet and shout 'hoo hoo hoo' while raising his arms up. (result into watching and listening to 'If you happy and you know it...' too MUCH.

9. feel jealous of the laptop and hates it whenever I sit down facing it. He's either bring alot of his toys for me and pester me to play with him or bring a book to me and shove it to my hand and demand me to flip pages for him. Aah..dictator!

10. sign 'hi' raise up his hand, 'bye' twisting his hand and 'flying kiss' basically slap himself on his mouth followed by 'aaaah' - all these even to a stranger! *pengsan*

11. knows when we all going kai kai (with me and jk all dressed up) and would waved to jk when he sees jk carrying working bag and tell him 'Dadi working'. This followed by wave and flying kiss.

12. recognised some of his toys and would bring it to us when we requested for some of them.

13. point to his ear, hair, teeth, mouth, toes, finger and bellybutton when you asked him to. Sometimes depends on his mood also la...

There are still many things that he did spontaneously least you expected it. 
He is full of surprises. 
You wont know what he is capable of until you ask him to do it. 


JolynLau said...

Caleb so pandai oh~

Yesss, yessss... agreed with no 10.
He basically slaps himself on his mouth yesterday. Hehehe...

Tan Shu-Yin said...

he'a such a big boy now. and a clever one too. i juz realized he is only 1 mth younger than Shern.

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Joyln,

Hi Shu-Yin,
Ya, big and a very cheeky boy now. I like your Shern Shern on chut chut. Cute~~!

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