Monday, November 29, 2010

A slice of cake...

....that will send you straight to HEAVEN. :)

I came across JUST HEAVENLY's website not too long ago from blog-hopping and food recommendation's blog. All of them gave a very good comments and thumb's up, finger's up, face's up on their cake. (I just got to know that their cakes are so professionally done, even DYMM Raja Permaisuri ordered her birthday cake from them which studded with Swarovski Crystals and mosiac-ed!)

So when I spotted their stall at Pavilion yesterday I couldn't help but noticed their big sign board. JUST HEAVENLY...that's sound so familiar. Took a look at their cupcake display, oh pretty, cute and pricey! One cupcake selling for RM6.90!

But curiosity got a better out of me. No harm trying right? Let's taste how does a RM6.90 tiny little cupcake taste like. Bought 2 of them back home. I was paranoid and keep on checking it inside the box every now and then, just in case my 2 cupcakes wrestling with each other. Lolss..

Vanilla Cupcake and Coffee Chocolate Cupcake. Still looks nice.

On the way to counter, jk saw a few loaf of butter cake, banana cake, chocolate cake. So, he asked about chocolate cake which was available but when he asked my opinion, I said I prefer marble cake instead.

Hehe...ok, so one loaf of Spice Marble Cake was added in the list. The bill come out to RM38.80! Why?
Because that loft of Marble Cake costs RM25!! @_@

We got shocked! But already paid, already got the balance, already took the cakes away, so nothing can be done anymore. Jk mumbled on the way, saying that we should have ask for the price before buying... hahaha Lesson learned.

So, how does it taste like? Well, chinese saying 'paying one cent, you got one cent of product'. Unlike others, it taste very buttery, smooth and infused with cinnamon flavor. NICE. REALLY NICE.

But on the second thought, RM25 for one loaf? Mmmmmm.....maybe if jk bug me one day, then I might take revenge on buying 3 loafs of it. Haha

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