Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simple lunch...yet very nutritious

Still remember the whole kampung chicken that made into chicken essence? Well, i didnt throw away the remaining chicken, instead I make some soup out of it. Last 2 days ago, I made ABC soup.

Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions and abit of pepper seeds. The smell was so nice but too bad. Can't finish it. Throw away the remaining 30% of it just now. (Yes,'s all your fault. :p)

To go with the soup, I made some koon lou mee with stir-fry fish slice and vegetarian-duck. I dont know why it called that, it doesnt looks like any part of the duck to me...
Actually it made from layer by layer of fu pei, alternated with some slice mushrooms and starch. Steam for a few minutes and let it cool. After that, deep fry it, cut it into slices and it ready to be served. Ohh...sorry hor, I only know the procedure, it's not me who do expert aunt from Penang. I never fail to order this whenever they coming to my house. :)
Drizzled with some lingham's chili sauce and walau.....I'm so hungry now even when I'm writing this post. Too greedy, I made ma meen (double piece of dry mee) and I couldn't finish it either. Pregnant woman is like that, appetite change due to hormone. Oh yea....blame it on hormone then!

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