Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The day when cousin came @ Day 2 - Bubba Gump @ The Curve, Moo Cow @ eCurve, Uncle Jang @ Bandar Puteri

The next day, we went to The Curve simply because my cousin wanted to walk walk and see see those stalls in the whole stretch of flea market. Actually I love to walk around and see those stalls too, especially now in Christmas season.
The way they decorated the stalls with all the Christmas ornaments are so so so pretty.

We had late breakfast at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Located just above The Gourmet House at the curve, the restaurant occupied two floors. The area is HUGE, with a lot of chairs and tables arranged outside the deck.

As it was still consider early when we reached, we got ourself a pretty good seat inside.

See what I mean? We are free to choose where we want to sit :)

Pictures hanging on the wall.

Oh...Happy Shrimp.

Oh...Happy Baby...

Oh...the happy baby and the happy mami

Since both of us were on diet (ahemm...),we just ordered 2 drinks and a main course to share.

Our drinks:
Blueberry Smoothie with Blueberries, Strawberries and non-fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurts; RM11.90
Run Forrest Run with Fresh Oranges, Strawberries, Bananas and non-fat Rasberry Frozen Yogurts; RM11.90

For the main course, we ordered Bubba's After the Storm "Bucket of Boat Trash"; RM43.90 consists of deep fried shrimp, lobster tail, fish fillet served with Bubba's Cocktail sauce and butter oil and of course with a bunch of fries.

Foods and drinks here are not cheap at all so be prepared to make your wallet 'bleed'. See, a bucket of trash already cost RM40 over...ish ish ish...

But it was all worth it. The shrimps were fried to perfection and remained juicy and succulent inside. Omm, omm, omm....

Same goes to the fish fillets too.....FRESH!

And the lobster tail. It was a bit hard and many times the shell kinda like poked inside my mouth. But it was not so bad la. Still edible :)

After meal, time to go outdoor and sweat it out! Haha....why la the wheather here is so warm and stuffy? Christmas time is suppose to be cold, chilly, winter wonderland time right? But too cold I also cannot tahan how ar? Yala, yala, I know I'm hard to please la, so shuddap. Kakaka....

Taking pictures in front of water fountain. Since I have already give up asking Caleb to look at the camera, I just asked my cousin to just snap la. Dont care....just like 2 strangers taking pictures right? We mind our own business... lolz...

We passed by this stall selling frozen yogurt by the name Moo Cow. A cow with  tiger stripes? Mmm...interesting, so let's go and check it out. By the way, Caleb started to go haywire again. So the best thing to calm him down is with food and nothing's better than cold yummy frozen yogurt.

I bought one to share, a root beer flavour; RM10.90 without any topping. Any extra topping will be charge at RM1. Original flavour @ RM9.90

It taste good. What I liked about it was that it had a very distinct taste of yogurt which is a bit sourish and not overly sweet. A quick check on google reveals that "Moo Cow’s yogurt USP (unique selling point) lies in the fact that they use live ABT culture & absolutely no powder mix, unlike its competitors. The final product is a mix of yogurt, milk & certain ‘stabilisers”. The culture used is actually a product from his own fermentation. Sugar is used very conservatively in Moo Cow’s yogurt"

This is cute...Da family of Moo Cow

 It only got me realized that Caleb loves cow very much. He have no problem walking up to the cow picture and pose for the camera. wonder, Caleb was born under the year of ox.

"Caleb wanna scoop, Caleb wanna scoop big-big"

Sigh...... as long as he can stay still and eat, it's ok with me. Frozen yogurt is still better than ice-cream, right?

This is chicken. Ohh..I love you too chicken....

Mami, made from fresh milk leh. So I can eat MORE....

We spent another hour or 2 and we went back home. It was tiring when you have an active toddler with you. There was no chance for me to shop around. My two eyes were glued at Caleb  like a hawk. Luckily my cousin add another two more eyes for me.

Caleb had a good 2 hours nap by the time we reached home. Battery charging......

For dinner, we went to Uncle Jang for their famous Chuncheon Dak Galbi, which is nearby my place.

"Dakgalbi is a South Korean dish featuring delicious chicken cubes with vegetables and topped off with a spicy Gochujang sauce."

I've been here a few times with jk and we love their spicy sauce. Well, there are 2 type of sauces actually. The spicy and the non-spicy. We always go for the non-spicy one but although it stated non-spicy, it still burnt our tongue.

A very simple interior. Nothing fancy about it.

There is a giant hot plate on every table.

Marinated chicken cubes in chili pepper paste with cabbage, scallions, sweet potatoes, onions and rice cakes. Everything goes into the hot plate.

With added ramen at the end when all the chicken cubes and vegetables had already cooked. It taste GOOD and ADDICTIVE!! You really cannot stop spoon-feeding yourself one after another....

Who can resist this?

See you tomorrow..... ;)

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