Saturday, December 31, 2011

The day when cousin came @ Day 3 - Tokyo Street @ Pavillion & XO Shabu Shabu @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

Oh yes, today marked the 3rd day my cousin is here in kl and we really enjoy it to bits! So fast....well, as they said, time flies when you are having fun.

We decided to go to Pavilion and have brunch at Tokyo Street situated on Level 6. Ahhh...I always wanted to go but I dont have this kind of privilege when I'm with jk. Why? because Japanese food equals to FISH la.... In his mind, Japanese restaurant only serve FISH, nothing else but FISH. Sigh.....

So when I have company with me, haha...I grabbed the chance at once :)

We walked around, looked around .....

......with this guy,

......doing this stunt.

Dont ask me why.....hahaha.....

We went into Hokkaido Santouka Ramen for brunch. Santouka = Mountain Head Fire

What a name.... :)

We both ordered ramen set which comes with a bowl of rice, chawamushi, salad with sesame seed dressing, pickles and a cup of green tea, not refillable thou....

There are a few soup base to choose from. Shio broth (salt), Shoyu broth (soy sauce), Miso (fermented soybean) and the spicy type, Kara-Miso broth (spicy soybean paste).

Since I need to share half of my food with Caleb, I ordered the Shoyu set ramen with rice (pic on the left) and my cousin ordered the Kara-Miso, the spicy one. I didnt get a sip of the soup (oh regret that..) because I need to keep on entertaining my 'boss'. Haaaiii....wasted.

My Shoyu soup is really really good and flavorful but a bit salty. The mild, pearl-coloured Tonkotsu soup is made from pork bones, vegetables, dried fish, kelp and other ingredients. Noodles are so damn good too. Springy and bouncy texture. The rice with charsiu and caramelized onions is another great combination. Too bad, my baby is a hungry alligator. He walloped half of my ramen and almost all of my rice...ish ish ish.

In the end, my tummy was hardly filled. Sigh.....should order a bigger size.

Omm omm energizer bunny, he keep on eating and eating and eating :)
We ordered a plate of pork gyoza (or is it chicken? couldn't remember) to share. Taste good too...!

Ok, time for desserts.

I bought a cup of Kindori Ice Cream - Banana Flavour just to calm my superbaby down. As usual, he is going haywire again. Really cannot catch this guy if you didnt have something in your hand,.... like ICE CREAM. :)

Hiding somewhere in the corner feeding him.....

One after another...

My cousin was craving for something sweet and she's been longing to try these Japanese Mochi. So, she bought 2 pieces; red bean paste and green tea.

It doesn't come cheap. Over-price at RM3.50 per piece. Hell ya, you hear me right....RM3.50 PER PIECE! I can eat a bowl of noodle or a plate of chap fan (economy rice) with that price.

With this kind of price, it has to be good right? And oh jolly yes, it was very good indeed. Sweet, soft, tender and chewy. The paste is nicely made and there's a dollop of whipped cream inside too. Eaten together and it taste heavenly..... Will I ever return again? Mmmmm........hehe. YES~!

He's asking "what's that?" , "what's that?" question again. Aiya, baby....mami don't know what is that. Sorry ... haha

Tis the season to be jolly .... Fa la la la la la la la la 

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, Thy leaves are so unchanging.....

Another thing that caught our attention is BEAR BEAR. Why there are so many BEAR BEAR? Even Caleb is so excited and keep on mumbling "Bear bear kei chu, bear bear kei chu" means bears is standing.

A total of 147 life-size buddy bear measuring at 2m tall from 143 different country. Each of them reflects their nation's own culture, history, traditions and characteristics painted by an artist from that country.

They are called UNITED BUDDY BEARS.


"Kuala Lumpur is the 23rd stop of the world tour for the 147 life-size painted bears drawn from 143 countries during the tour that originated from Berlin in 2002. Since then, more than 25 million visitors worldwide have seen them and over 1.8 million Euros collected in donations to children’s charities. "

Which one is our own country bear-bear? Hahaha...I dont know because we didnt go scout one by one. Our eyes were glued at this superbaby.....

He is having so much fun jumping from one platfrom to another platform and then post for a picture before he vanished again.

After a short trip to Uniqlo, we went to back home. Caleb, as usually need his afternoon battery charging session.
I dont feel like bring Caleb out for our dinner and so I SMSed the father. "Eh, can you take care of Caleb tonight?" and.....hehe, the father said "YES". *big wide grin*
And so we went to our favourite steamboat place. XOXO Shabu Shabu @ IOI Boulevard Puchong.

Such a bliss eating without superbaby. I can wait for the soup base to boil without Caleb yelling 'fai di','fai di' (faster, faster). Hahaha....

I always go for herbal soup base and my cousin always go for tom yam. They have 4 types of soups; herbal, tomyam, chicken and pork soup. And yes, it's a non halal restaurant. But who would go for halal restaurant for steamboat? Hehehe....I know I won't because if I do, then I can't eat my favourite pork meatball :)

They have a wide variety of raw material to choose from and all of them are freshly prepared on a daily basis. All meatballs are handmade, the pork meatball, prawn meatball, fish meatball, squid meatball...... yum yum yum....

Vege, the seafood, meat sliced.....everything!!! It's just so fresh and clean!

If you want to try it out, here's the address:

No.A-GR-33A, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-8076 5348

A very satisfying dinner indeed...!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

We only visited Pavillion recently just to check out the Tokyo Street and the United Bears :) A very Happy 2012 to you and your family.

FiSh said...

lol jap food is not always bout fish, but i see that tokyo street offers lots of nice food there :)

Latest: Happy Hakka 2012!

Wabbitfoot said...

Barb, Happy New Year to you too!! The bears are so huge and colourful ;)

Fish: Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yes, Tokyo Street does offer a lots of food, too bad I dont have to chance to go there often. Happy New Year to you ;)

Irene said...

yummy! I always lovveeee jap food... : ) it is easy to order for my kids too since got so much variety and in relatively smaller portions (compared to western, which is my next fav!)

Wabbitfoot said...

Oh yes, I love Japanese Food too...and now the father said I'm 'poisoning' his son with it so that I have somebody to go with me in future.


Ming said...

my girl does the drag-as-you-walk stunt with us all the time too! somedays she'll do it backwards, and somedays she'll do it forward like she's skiing! kids... :P

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