Friday, December 23, 2011

The day when cousin came @ Day 1 - Japanese Buffet Dinner @ Sunway Putra Hotel

And so the cousin sister came. She drove all the way from Bukit Mertajam, armed with her trusted Ms Garmin GPS and after 4 hours of 'sing-and-talk-to-herself', she reached safely at my house.

Before she came, I bought 2 vouchers from I love Discount website to celebrate our birthday which is just 15 days apart. A Japanese Buffet Dinner at Sunway Putra Hotel - just opposite The Mall.... uh la la la.....

Oh, my cousin even went to the extend of borrowing a baby car seat for Caleb because we are going to follow her back to Penang :) Hooray! Hooray!

A blue Christmas tree decorations that we saw while on the way walking towards the Japanese Restaurant.

All of us were starving! I'm hungry, superbaby lagi hungry because I woke him up from his afternoon nap at 4pm and all he had was just a glass of milk. By the time we reached it was already 7:30pm.... Luckily Caleb didnt whine or make a fuss.

Now you feed me or or or I'll spit at your face~ Haha....nola, kidding! In this case, I'm gonna spit at your camera. Lolz....

1st round: Mashed potato, crunchy bread toast topped with egg mayo, 2 pieces of sushi and thinly sliced and fried to perfection little fish coated in sweet Japanese sauce.
This plate is for Caleb except the thinly sliced fried fish... Fried stuff not good for kids ler.... hahaha. Who am I kidding right? :D

2nd round: All from the sushi counter. Tasted very good. Caleb ate almost half of this plate. Geng ler...
Apart from these, he also ate one chawanmushi, fried rice, fried spagetti, cakes and ice cream. And the best thing is he eat for FREE!! Hahaha.....No charge for children under 4yo.

His most favourite question now "What's that?", "What's that?"

Caleb ate so much that he dont feel like walking and running around after that. Boy, am I getting worried. Everything I asked him, he kept on saying "Noooo"..

"Caleb, want to come down walk-walk?"


"Wanna see Uncle play piano?"


"Wanna run around like siau kia (crazy kid)?"

"Noooo..., want to 'fan oh kei' (go back home)"

Wahhh...never in my life I ever hear that coming out from his mouth. Really too full already this guy. Hahaha...

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