Monday, August 9, 2010

Eh eh eh eh

We went to 1U yesterday mainly because jk need to meet his client there. So, me, my mil and Caleb were shopping by ourself while waiting for jk.

By the time, jk finished his meeting, he met up with us again and we had early dinner at Delicious. Had a nice little tea party set to be shared and a shepard pie. Too bad I can't eat that because I didnt realise that inside the shepard pie got beef pieces instead of chicken. Kanasai...

Anyway, after our meal we walked and walked looking for MAC shop. Why? should have figure it by now or you want me to show you in my next post? :) Hehe

Jk was pushing the stroller with Caleb sitting on it. Oh yea, and since Caleb already 1 year old, my mil started to put on shoes for him whenever we go out. Old folk need to reach 1 year old before he can wear any shoe. I dont know why...

Well, ok. Back to the story.

As we were walking, suddenly we heard Caleb said "eh eh eh eh eh eh". I didnt pay any attention to it as normal time he also eh-ing alot. Then after a lot of "eh eh eh", jk stopped and looked back. He saw one of Caleb's shoe lying on the floor far away and Caleb holding on his toes looking at us....hehehe..rupa rupanya, kasut sudah tanggal oh...that's why he keep on "eh eh eh eh"....

If I'm alone with him, I already walked past and went back home loorr.

So, we picked up his shoe and continue walking. In the end we found MAC but under renovation.


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