Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 4 - Hong Kong

"Eh, where is your Hong Kong punya cerita? No more blog about it ka?"

"Aiya, busy la, need to blog about Caleb in Singapore first"

That was what jk asked me the other day...... :)
And it been more than a month since he asked that question... :))

So, I just need to stop procrastinating and continue with my HK's blogging.  Ok, day 4 is coming....

The next day, we woke up rather late in the morning. By the time everyone were ready, it was already past 11am. Just as we were about to step out from the room, I made a phone call to the front desk to ask about our room status, and as promised by the hotel management, they upgraded us to a bigger room.

Oh boy, we were so happy. Now we can walk around without bumping or clashing into each other shoulder. The bathroom was bigger too with it own shower place....

....and a bathtub.

But in this freaking cold weather, I dont bother to spend so much time in the bathroom. I just need to do what I need to do inside and dashed out as quickly as possible. I even brought my sweater and jacket inside to put on immediately after came out from shower. Brrrrrrr.......

My cousin and I took pictures of the room, bathroom, sink, shower, cupboard, dilli dalli dilli dalli...until my aunt looked like this.
"Wah you two, enough de or not? Sien lor!!"

No, my aunt didnt say that....just looking at her expression makes me think that. ^.^

Destination: Ngong Ping 360 Experience - Tai Yue San

Initially we wanted to have porridge for breakfast at 生记粥品专家 but we were so hungry as it almost noon. So, we asked the hotel receptionist on where they have good food. She recommended us "Foo Lum Dim Sum Restaurant", just 3 minutes walking distance from our hotel.

Today's weather temperature: 9C. WTF!

Foo Lum Restaurant signboard. many clams, try a spoonful of the water. Must be very

We were actually quite relieved when we saw the price on menu. For sure we wont go bankrupt just having breakfast here. No throat-cutting. All the prices just fair and reasonable.
Special price menu....pick, pick, pick

Chinese tea for 3....

So, let's begin our dim sum presentation...
 Har gau aka prawn dumpling

 Pan fried radish cake aka jin loh pak kou

 Thousand century egg porridge....smooth and creamy

Before I went to HK, jk been telling me how I have to try char leong. No matter what, die die also must order this. So, here it is... THE CHAR LEONG

It's actually a crispy fried dough wrapped in rice noodle rolls. Dipped in special soya sauce, it tasted good. If they can make the fried dough remained crispy all the time, then it will be far more delicious.
 The Char-Leong

 Normal siew mai aka just siew mai la..dont know how to translate this.

 Fung jau aka chicken feet or better known as Pheonix's claws. Haha...classy......

Char Siew Pau aka BBQ pork buns. Ohh..this is heavenly

The total damage was slightly more than HKD100 for all those yummlicious food. Really worth it. We vowed that we shall come to this place again before we headed back home.

Destination for today is Tai Yue San (大屿山) where the mighty 85-foot high Bronze Tian Tan Buddha Statue rested.  We traveled along the Tung Chung line to Tung Chung station to enjoy a journey of 360 degree spectacular panoramic views.
What is Ngong Ping? The first time I saw the signboard, I was thinking......oh, what a name. At least it sound weird to me. Why on earth somebody would give such a name. Maybe there was an explaination to it. Oh well....
Ngong Ping 360 is actually a tourism experience which combines a 5.7 km cable car journey with a cultural themed village and easy access to the Tian Tan Buddha Statue.
My tour-guide was queuing for tickets for us. Haha....

We purchased the Round Trip ticket on Crystal Cabin plus the entry to Walking with Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre for HKD230. There are quite a few packages available, with and without the journey of enlightenment package, Crystal Cabin or Standard Cabin....
But we thought, what the heck right? All of us never been to Tai Yue San before, we might missed something valuable. As that they said: You have sold a cow, why not give away the rope as well right? Lolz....get what I mean?
Awarding ceremony....
....and the award goes to.....deng deng deng
and we proceed to the Crystal Cabin's line, which was not so many people in queue. Haaaiii...we rich ppl ma... *hick hick*
Each Cabin can fit up to 17pax with 10 sitting and 7 standing. Luckily we only shared this with 4 others.

Everything is transparent in Crystal Cabin, even the bottom is made from thick glass so you can enjoy every nook and corner while you were in there.

It was abit scary at the beginning but the whole journey takes 25 minutes. I get used to it in no time and begin to enjoy the panoramic view. But still it so freaking far far away.....

Since nothing can do much, I asked my cousin to take picture of me again lor...

All of us....including 4 strangers sharing with us.

20 minutes later, we caught our first sight of the mighty gigantic Tian Tan Buddha.

At last, we reached Ngong Ping Cable Car Station. The weather was really really cold. Wind was blowing non stop. I turned into ice a few times....frost - defrost - frost - defrost. By now, my throat become itch and dry. Nose was blocked, couldnt breath properly....gosh, I think I'll get sick very soon.

We took our time, walked around the themed village.
Ngong Ping village.

Even Starbucks is here. I stood as near as possible, trying to catch a glimpse of wifi around so that I can open my FB account and see if the father got any pictures of Caleb posted or not. Miss him so much.

Uhh...kai-dan-zai @ HKD18. Expensive. I think the price went double even triple here. No choice, tourists spot ma. In the end, we bought one to share....

and a cup of curry fishballs. All time favourite among the hongkies.

The taste was just so-so only. The kai-dan-zai got no taste of egg at all, just purely flour flavor and the curry fishball was bland. Sigh......again, tourist spot ma.....

This is the part of our package that we bought at the beginning comes together with the Cable Cabin.

Walking with Buddha:

Basically, it is the story of how a man named Siddhartha became Buddha and his path to his enlightenment. 
Quite entertaining and full of information as it really took you through his younger years up until he reached his supreme awareness and becoming Buddha.

Next is this Monkey's Tale Theatre.  

We felt that we were bluffed into this. Hahaha...why?
Because at first we thought we are going to watch real monkeys in action but it was only a short movie with computer generated animation, combined with special effects and surround sound.

Ok, lunch time. As planned, we going to have a vegetarian lunch at Po Lin Monastery.

There are 2 type of vegetarian lunch provided. General at HKD60 or Deluxe at HKD100.
We choosed the later one. Hahaha....we want the best out of this trip. Moreover, I dont know when I'll come here for 2nd time. 

We were lead to a VIP room where all the VIP having lunch such as datuksss and datinsss. Haaa...kidding~~

Our VIP dishes.
There were consists of 5 dishes all together. Soup, spring rolls, vegetarian duck, choy sam with HUGE mushrooms and stir-fry variety of vegetables.

To be continue......when I dont have Caleb squirming under my feet. you know why I couldnt update my blog as frequent as possible?

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