Thursday, June 30, 2011

Caleb and his puzzle.......and me PUZZLED

I bought this set of puzzle for Caleb 3 months ago. When I first introduced to him, he got no interest at all. He just took all those puzzle pieces and scattered them around on the floor, which is normal.

Then I started to show him how to put them together.

Me: Come, mami show you. Nah, you take this one and this one then you put together and 'tuck'. See, they stay together de. Ok?

Caleb: k? (and nodded his head)

Me: Come, another one. You take this and this and this (some need 3 pieces to make out one picture) and then you 'tuck' 'tuck' 'tuck'. Ok?

Caleb: k? (and nodded his head)

And that goes on and on and on.......
After some times, he grew bored watching me 'tuck' and he want to 'tuck'  instead. Ok fine. But I need to bring them very close together and he just working on with his one finger, pressed down and 'tuck'. Oh, my boy is happy!

Next, he started to gather similar pieces together and demanded asked me to put them close together while he was still working on his 一阳指... and 'tuck' 'tuck' 'tuck' away....

Until one fine day (last month), he started showing some progress. He can put those pieces together on his own. Oh boy, am I ecstatic! Finally.....but his motor skill still shaking and sometimes couldn't bring it together. There were times when he just can't click 2 puzzle pieces together and he wailed and wailed and wailed and throw everything on the floor. Yes, he can be very very bad tempered.

After a few more attempts, he successfully putting all pieces together without much hassle. And then I decided to bring it to a higher level....just want to know how far he can go... :)

I turned them upside-down :)

And I started asking him to take one by one. He can recongnise it by just looking at the back of the puzzle and he took everyone of them correctly. This boy really FREAKING me out! 

Here is the video I managed to take while jk asking him one by one.


Tan Shu-Yin said...

Wow...caleb's great!
I have the puzzles too. Will let Shern play dee!

Wabbitfoot said...

Haha....ya, sometimes he really freak me out! Puzzles is good for their motor skill :)

Anonymous said...

Caleb is amazing Ann !!
from Siew Mei

Wabbitfoot said...

Hi Siew Mei,
Haha...thanks. Yes, he has a very good memory :)

Anonymous said...

wow he is so smart... his strike rate is 100%... very good exercise for brain stimulating.. (Koon Fun)..

Wabbitfoot said...

Fun, thanks. Now whenever he want to play, he just put every pieces upside down...haha

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