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Day 6 - Hong Kong

Hahaha.....still haven't finish blogging about Hong Kong and now it's already in mid July tsk tsk tsk...
Anyway, just bear with me ya....

Ok, today's destination - Hong Kong Disneyland.

Destination: Hong Kong Disneyland

First thing first, we need to have a good breakfast as we are going to walk whole day in Disneyland (yea, as if there were days we didnt have to...)
Anyway, we decided to have Wantan mee for breakfast. In our mind, we have one targeted shop. There was this shop down the street which sells wantan mee. Everytime we passed by, we saw a lot of patrons eating inside. You know how it translated to: many ppl = good food :)
But we were too early (I think about 9:30am, couldnt remember de) and the shop haven't open for business. fate. :(

So we just walked around look for another breakfast place and saw this shop.

What? Another lai cha for breakfast ar? Aiyo...nothing else meh? - my aunt commented when we said "let's go inside"
Hmmmm...... nevermind la, try la, ok? Maybe nice leh.......

Honolulu Coffee Cake Shop

Let's see what they have in their menu.

Actually, more or less, it's the same thing. We choose Set A and B. Nobody wants to eat Set C. Haha..of cox la, who want to eat oat with milk in Hong Kong?

Dont ask me which one I ate because I couldn't remember :) This is result in delaying writing blog after 6 months....hahaha

Each set comes with coffee or tea.

Full with energy, Disneyland, here we come...
Mickey Mouse icon - every nook and corner

Even Mickey handrail in MTR
Oh, now I remember. We reached there 5 mins before 11am :)
 Good thing we have digital camera right?

First thing first, group photo in front of Mickey's Fountain. See Mickey with his surfboard?

Let's enter the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy. Whatever for the ticket already *haha*

The first thing we saw this long queue waiting to take picturess with Mickey and Minnie. My cousin was saying " Oh, come come, queue queue, take pictures with Mickey " and me nearly fainted ^.^ But what the heck, it's not everyday you can take photos with Mickey and Minnie right?

Queue pun queue laaaa....
Sila beratur disini...terima kasih.

Taking pictures of myself after queuing up for half an hour. Despite on the cold weather, at the end of the day, I got sunburn on my face and neck. Sigh...of all days why I choose this day not to apply sunblock? kns betul la... :(

Finally, we took photos with bloody Mickey and Minnie after queuing up for more than 1.5h... Better treasure this picture for long long time :)

Next we visited Tarzan's treehouse

Up on the tree....really treehouse oh *sampat* hahaha

Tarzan welcoming you to his house :)

Sabor looking not so welcoming. Flaring its fangs...what? what? scare ghost ar? Chehhh.....
Suddenly Sabor spit something out from its mouth. Kanasai....thick smoke with loud 'hissss' sound. Scare the shit out of me tim....

Not fun at all.

Next we went for some River Adventure; Jungle River Cruise.

Before we can go and ride in the boat, as usual, we need to queue again. :(
Upon the entrance for queuing, there were 3 lanes for you to choose from. Mandarin, English or Cantonese speaking tour guide. Of cox we went for Cantonese speaking, more homely feeling ma. She did a great job by putting on those cartoonist gimmicks and jokes for us. Farnie... :) 

But I do feel pity for her. Why? because she need to repeat the whole thing over and over again for the rest of the day (or everyday? mmm...)
Haizz....wan sek kan nan lor.
What to do? Somebody need to do the job.

Some fake wild crocs to scare the shit out of you.

Next up, we went for Lion King show. Yes, all these people were queuing for the show. Luckily the theater is big enough to cater for more than 500 people.

My *ahem cough* pahriah camera took this picture. Blur-y, misty and foggy. I need a new camera please. *tyvm*

Ok, tour guide ar? Sudah lapar la, makan apa?

I asked my cousin.

Whipped out our directory and search for 'FOOD LIST' and we found ourself agreed to FAST FOOD. :)
We went to Disneyland so that we can eat their pork burger. Hahaha... Oh, I love pork burger very much since we dont have the opportunity to eat it back at home.

My pork burger set comes with fries and coke.

My big, fat juicy pork burger.
'Ketchup' putting on it smiley face.

After lunch, we just continue with our queuing up routine whenever we want to ride in something or watch anything. I can say that queuing up nearly took half of the time we spent in Disneyland. Well, what to do? In Disneyland, 365 days also full of visitors. Unless of course I'm the owner la, right?

Ride in Winnie's hunny pot

Some parade going on

Caleb must be jumping up and down if he sees this carousel. :)

Horsie horsie...

We were run like mad ppl for this PhilharMagic show because if we missed it, we'll need to wait for another 2h for the next batch to begin. Luckily we made it! Pheww!

It was the best 3D show I've ever experienced. But I think it should be in 4D because I actually can smell the food when they song 'Be My Guest' song in Beauty and the Beast movie. I can feel the splashing of water too...Flounder (I'm sure you know who Flounder is right?, the fat, plump-y yellow fish in 'The Little Mermaid'?) seem like swimming under your nose.

It was the best 10 minutes long show. :) Must try this again :) Yes, darling, again :)

A picture with the main magical castle

The only disappointment in this trip was we couldn't go for a ride in It's A Small World area because it closed down for renovation. Darn! Oh and also the parade was cancel in that period of time. Double Darn!! Sigh.... I guessed maybe it was due to the weather. Too cold already, all those cartoons characters might die

Lastly we went to see another live show. The Golden Mickey.
Curi gambar again :) Picture source

Night time catching up soon and all lights came alive. 

The worst firework pictures ever.
Say, when can I get a new camera? ^.^v

My birthday is coming soon...errr, Caleb's one sooner :)

The fireworks display was the best part of all. The best 15 minutes made my eyes glues at it. Mmm...just curious, HK disneyland need to display these fireworks everyday, 365 a year. You know how much money they need to 'burn'? Well, I dont know :) but I'm interested to know.

We took MTR back to Central for our last dinner in Hong Kong.

The well-known throat-cutting Yung Kee, famous for its best-eat-already-can-fly ROASTED GOOSE.

The sinfully-utter-delicious Century old duck egg with pickled ginger. I dont take century eggs...oh such a waste! My cousin and aunt commented this was the best Century eggs they had. Mmm...good thing I dont eat it, that's mean they can have my share as well :)

Some sort of vegetable with crab meat. Taste was so-so but the crab meat were plentiful. We slurped the last drop of the gravy. Dont waste ma, very expensive, ok?

Claypot tofu with alot of side accompaniments. Taste good with flavorful tofu. Gravy was nice too, best eaten with rice :) We are Chinese, so rice is our staple food.

The signature and legendary Roasted Goose.
Verdict: It definitely worth to call 'The Flying Roast Goose' Not to say that you really can fly up high after you took a bite but because after tasting the roast goose, many visitors buy and carry it home with them by air to share among relatives and friends, hence the Flying Roast Goose nickname.

The meat was aromatic, succulent, tender and oh just melt in your mouth kinda thing. The skin was darn darn crispy. Scoop abit of the plum sauce, put a piece of meat on top and 'ahhhh' goes into your mouth. Uhhh...yum yum yun.. Never tasted anything like this before.

But on the other side, this piece of 'treasure' comes with a BIG price. It priced at  HKD210 for half and HKD420 for the whole bird. *rolls eyes*

Closer shot at the glistening skin. Uh la la

Another closer shot on the big giant prawn served in Claypot Tofu

The highlight at the end of our dinner. The bill

The damage in total was HKD519.80 for 3 persons. My my my..... heard that there are certain floor which reserved to Yung's Club exclusive member and serves excellent food. The most top Roast Geese were reserves for the VIPs who can affort.

Phewww...finally. My HK day 6 trip completed..... :)

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