Friday, October 11, 2013

Caven's 10 months development

Little brother Caven is 10 months now and in another 2 months, he'll be celebrating his first birthday. I'm still contemplating whether we want celebrate it. Where to do it? Small party? Home? Kl or Bentong? Gahhh.....How ar?

Anyway, this little fella is growing up fast and is just as cheeky as his brother. He'd quietly crawled to the bathroom or kitchen without me noticing it. The moment I realised his disappearment and called out his name, he would turned his head, flashing me his million dollars smile, continue with his crawling agenda heading forward, only this time, twice the speed followed by loud shriek. You say la, cheeky or not?

"Ah Di ar (short from from di di, means little brother), why you so cheeky one?"

Hahaha.....Using short form is breath-saving, considered we need to call his him thousand times a day (*wink eye).

Some updates on his development:

Oh yes, he's teething now which explained why he is pooping 3 times or more in a day. Big explosive one, mind you. And yes, it  stinks to the core!

Got this picture in the Internet. Currently there are 2 teeth at bottom are sprouting. Symptoms: Whiny, clingy, sticky....mmm...not sure. He's been like that for the longest I can remember :) so, I'm not really sure if these are the symptoms.


He slept 3 times on weekday and 2 times max on weekend. Why? Because Caleb doesn't need to go to school, that's why. Caven just did not want to close his eyes when his big brother is around. Awwww.....isn't that sweet? Hahaha...not really when I have to deal with 2 whiny kids later in the evening. Caven would be all cranked up due to overly tired and Caleb throwing big tantrums out of no where. *__*

Caven's morning nap is around 9ish and he'd nap about half an hour to 1 hour, depending on what time he woke up that morning. In the afternoon, at around 1pm or 2, he'd nap again for about 2 hours and a quick one late in the evening. Sometimes, he would skipped this round (especially when Caleb came back from school) but he'll be cranky later on and I've to tuck him early for bed, say around 7:30pm - 8pm.

No more carrying him to sleep (thank gawd!) instead both of us lying down on bed with him crying, climbing all over me before he found a comfortable spot to doze off. Haaiii.....better than carrying la.

If I'm lucky, he'd wake up 2 times at night. On bad, bad day, he's wake up 4 times or is it 5 times.....until I lose count in a night! Most of the time I dream-feed him and he just suckle suckle suckle himself to sleep again. I'm just glad I've boobies. Can't imagine I need to wake up, make milk and carrying him back to sleep 4 times in a night. *Shudder shudder*

Motor skills


His motor skill in picking up food is excellent. Haha....thanks to all those little finger foods that I bought for him.

This Happy Puffs is great. It's organic, bland (but slightly sweetened with fruit juice), crispy and mess-free. This is the 3rd bottle that I've bought for him so far.

This is how it looks. Little pieces just right for little fingers.

With his fore finger and thumb, he can feed himself effortlessly. This is really crucial especially when we eat out. I just plonked him up on baby chair, scattered a few finger foods for him on the sticky mat and he just helped himself picked up one by one and put it into his mouth. Ahhhh....bliss. We can eat peacefully now.

This is another one of my favourite. It is brown rice cakes and slightly bigger in size. Caven takes more time gnawing into it thus giving us little more time in finishing our meal. It tough being a parent, ya' know?

This is another one of my favourite. This is Heinz teething rusks and it's as hard as a steel. Caven took ages in finishing one whole stick and would leave ample of time for us during dinner. But, the only downside is at the beginning, Caven can't really bite into it because IT IS REALLY HARD. Sometimes he'd whine a little and getting impatient. He actually need to drown that stick with his own saliva to soften it before he can start gnawing. Hah....noticed how I like to use the word 'gnawing'? a rabbit and yes, he is as cute as a rabbit :D

A peek in to his foods when we eat out. One of the must have item in my diaper bag apart from diapers.


Caven has been crawling on four cruising everywhere he fancied for more than few weeks now. I think way back when he was slightly more than 9 months old, he started to crawl with tummy off the floor. At the beginning before he mastered the skill, he already been an impatient baby. He would crawled so fast before his hands could bring him forward thus he stumbled and knocked his head. No need to guess what followed next..... Uhhhhwahhhhhh!!!


At slightly more than 6 months old, he first started pulling himself up to stand in his baby cot and smiling cheekily. Other time, I caught him standing and bending over his toy basket rummaged through his toys.

Now at 10 months old, he managed to stand independently for a bout 3 seconds and we're waiting for him to take his first step forward.


He's taking 2 to 3 times solid in a day and still breastfed him by latching on directly every 3-4 hours in the day and countless times at night.

He loves fruits such as apples and bananas and often I cooked and blended it together with his millet for lunch and dinner. He hates salmon thou. Once I popped a cube of Salmon into his porridge and he didn't want to open his mouth. So I thought maybe it the new food/new taste to him, cannot accept it yet. Fine, I tried for 3 consecutive days and he didn't eat more than 3 spoonfuls each meal. Hahahaha....ok, he won. I stopped cooking salmon straight away much to his father's delight.

I'm so busy and being able to write such a long post required me one week to complete. You know, before I could finish another sentence, I've already heard somebody yelling at the background. Like right now.... :)


mun said...

He is just so adorable.

mommy to chumsy said...

aww...such a cutie boy!

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