Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 7 - Hong Kong ; Kuala Lumpur

The engine has started, don't let it stop.

Ok, final day in HK. That means I can see my baby very soon. Oh, I miss my baby so much.... Curious of what his reaction later when I see him in airport. Can't wait! 

Anyway, our flight back was scheduled at 3pm+ and we could only went for our last breakfast in HK before we packed things up and checked out.

For breakfast, we went to Foo Lum Restaurant for their Dim Sum again.

It was crowded even on weekdays. Really no need to work meh? So free to yum cha... But another closer look, most of them are old folks. Old people already retired, nothing do, yum cha lor...
So relaxing hor...

We tried not to repeat what we had a few days ago except Char Siew Pau because it was soooo GOOD. So here's the new dim sum dishes we ordered.
The Char Pau

Vegetable dumpling

Black Sesame kuih lapis

Fried Mee Hoon

Ma Lai Kou

Forgot the total bill for this time. Didnt take photos that's why no evidence.
After breakfast, went back to our hotel, packed up and head down to reception for check-out.

We took Airport transfer by bus since it was free provided by our hotel.
Freezing cold outside while waiting for the bus to come. I wore 3 tops and 2 bottoms but it was STILL FREAKING COLD ler.....WTF!

Had this after reached HongKong International Airport. Since I have another 1h to kill, bought a cup of Caramel Macchiato and a piece of Butter Cake.

Shock! A slice of Butter Cake costs HKD112? You must be kidding!
Yes, they are kidding. It's a typo. Actual price is HKD12. But still expensive la, RM6 for a slice of cake? RM6 I can make a whole cake de.
What to do? The cold weather making me always looking for food. Dont complaint...just eat.

Oh, I bought this piece of bathrobe for Caleb in HK Disneyland. Cute eh?

Another picture showing the back....
That's all I bought during the trip. Nothing suits me as they were selling big, thick, wool jacket/apparel everywhere. Make no sense buying them to wear in our hot country, later ppl must be thinking I'm 'shot shot dei' haha..

Finally.....I'm done with my HK trip 2011. Yeah!!  *clap clap clap*

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