Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love cupcakes

I like to bake. Yes, I did. But all the cleaning up afterwards that I dont like. :(

Few weeks ago I did some cupcakes. Not the first thou but it was the first time that I took the effort to beat up some buttercream frosting and did some decoration on top of each cupcakes.

It was addictive.

In the end, I couldn't finish it (and it is fattenning :)) and I brought it down at my apartment that evening and shared it with Caleb's friends and their mommies and their caretakers.

The next few days, I baked them again :)

I did tell you that decorating them was addictive.....

This time I bought a few more decorating items and food coloring. Aren't they look prettier? :)

I gave 80% of the cupcakes to one of jk's friend who owned a pet shop. I told if she can't finish it, feel free to share it with her colleagues or customers back at her shop. :)

Want to order some cupcakes for kid's party? Can let me know, ok? No preservatives, no additives, only the best ingredients in making the cupcakes :)

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