Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm the mosquito-slayer

My parent's house is badly infested with mosquitoes. Real bad. These blood-suckers are everywhere especially in bathroom. I guess because it cooling, damp and dark in there. Just imagine when you go inside the bathroom, there are 20 over mosquitoes flying all over you. Arghhh....... I just have the urge to squash everyone of them into paste.

I remembered when i was young, my brother and I used to compete on who got the most numbers of mosquito and both of us would parade our 'result' on tiles in the bathroom. Of course my brother win every time. What's not? He is taller and has bigger hands than me. Of course la right? 

That picture is my self-proclaimed-victory. With my bare hands filled with foam, I caught 18 blood-suckers in less than 10 minutes. I feel good!

See if I could catch another batch tomorrow.

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1 comment:

mun said...

Wow! Keng! Can catch mosquitoes with bare hands and display on the tiles.

Better be careful and get one of those things that will attract the mosquitoes and kill them since there are so many mosquitoes.

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