Thursday, October 4, 2012

Egg sandwich for Caleb's lunch

I made egg sandwich for Caleb's lunch yesterday.

The lazy mother was super lazy and basically run of an idea on what to feed his son. Actually I think this is a very good, simple and nutritious meal to prepare. All ready in 20 minutes...

Just in case that you want to know the ingredients,

1 egg
1/3 potato
1/3 carrot
1 slice of cheese
2 tablespoon Mayonnaise
1 tablespoon tomato sauce (I ran out of tomato sauce, so I didn't put any)
Spring onion (optional)
A dash of pepper
A bit of salt
1 teaspoon of flax seed oil (optional too)
4 slices of bread

Put the egg, potato and carrot into a pot of water and bring it to boil. Everything should be cooked in 15 minutes. Mashed it all up on a plate including that slice of cheese. Add in the mayo and tomato sauce and the rest of it, mix thorougly.

Spread it on bread and tadaaaa.....lunch is served. 

I got no complaint from him. He whacked half of it (shoved another half of it into my mouth) and gave me a thumb's up after that. :)

It's good. Really good. Can you see that bits of carrot?

This is the 2nd time I made egg sandwich within this week. I'm sure if I asked wheather he wants to eat egg sandwich for tomorrow lunch again, the answer would be 'yes'. Mmmm.... but I'm getting boring already :)


Cynful Pleasure said...

nice and healthy yummy sandwich!

Health Freak Mommy said...

That looks delish and healthy! Shall try this soon. Tks for the idea!

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