Monday, June 27, 2011

Anniversary dinner

Few days ago was our Wedding Anniversary.

And I totally forgot about it the day before.....until jk remind me., he forgot about it too....until his friend sent an sms to his mobile phone congratulating us. :)

Caleb been driving us up-side-down most of the time until we forgot that we were actually being married for 3 years.

So, we need to go celebrate. Afterall it comes only once a year mah, right?

At first we decided to go to The Caff but as we passed by the shop, we saw 2 banners hanging printed 'TO LET pls call bla bla bla phone number'. We were like 'Oh Noooooo...., why? why?' Almost every eatery shop patronized by us went bankrupt. We begin to feel that we bring bad luck for them.... haha

Anyway, we decided to try out one eatery shop which we have not step a foot in. Mr Ho's Bistro...

It's been around for quite some time but we didnt try out mainly because everytime we want to go in, there were no one inside. You know how 'no one' means 'food's sucks!' :) But luckily we gather much courage to go in and sit down.

Wall full of funny proverbs

 This girl should be the lady boss of the shop.

 As usual, my cheeky cow waiting to be served

It was really funny when he saw the waiter coming with tray of foods and saying 'bak bak bak' pointing on the table. What he really mean is 'back back back' as I always tell him to put back things. So, he just manage to say the last word which is 'bak' instead of 'back' :)

 Garlic Bread for starter

The taste was bland, very bland. Bread was hard and chewy. I like my garlic bread to be crispy and highly infused with garlic or better still with garlic bits. By now, I really missed The Caff's garlic bread and their heavenly escargot in butter garlicky cream sauce.

Anyway, my boss said it's nice and he gulped down 2 pieces of garlic bread in no time.

Sauteed sausage with onion in black pepper sauce.

Not sure if they are using chicken or pork sausage but it was taste slightly hard and the black pepper overwhelm the whole dish. Nothing memorable for this dish.

My main dish. BBQ Ribs.

Nothing memorable about the ribs too. At first I thought BBQ Ribs should be little chared with smokey smell of BBQ....

Something like this?

Or like this...

But it isn't really the case here. My BBQ ribs comes in one big chunk of meat and one 'stick' of rib shape rib only. I dont like it....Nuff said.

Jk's pork burger.

Well, jk just said that it was nice with juicy pork patty. Mmm...I think that's all I can remember.

 My drink vs jk's drink. Guess which is which?

Hahaha.....yes, that Estrella is mine. No prize for the correct guessing. No wonder I couldnt remember things. *hick hick*

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