Monday, December 6, 2010

'mi mi mi'

I think I should blog about this, just a remark to remind myself a few years down the road of Caleb's milestones.

@ 16 months and 2 weeks old, Caleb is calling me "mi mi mi mi" (when he need something badly and I choose to ignore him)

He even called my mother in law "ma ma ma ma"... so just to differentiate, I pester ask him to call me "mi" :)

For the dadi, oppsss...sorry, nothing for you yet!

Just a short post about today. We went for a relative's funeral this afternoon after we heard that he passed away on last saturday. He had been sick for almost 7 years after his 1st stroke. Got better and recovered but came again after 2 years. And his health was deteriorate from day to I guessed, this is some kind of relief anyway, for himself and his loves one around him.

So, we brought Caleb there too since many of jk's relative have not met our superbaby. Once he got down on the floor, with no what-so-ever shy shy attitude, he begin his 'PR' with kids around. Getting into their group, playing with them and messing around. As most of the kids are alot older than him, so, most of the time they just ignore him. But superbaby is not the baby to mess around, he continue 'kacau' ing all the kids around him. Hahaha....

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