Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to sleep? Nyoooo.............

Everyday I need to bear with Caleb's thunder cries, twice a day.

First in the afternoon and second at night.


Because he's becoming so obsessed with his 2 cousins playing with him all day long and the hype of all the toys around him. like I need to battle in a war every time when I need make him sleep.

Every time, I will try reasoning with him, "you see, all che che going to sleep already, you sleep too, ok?" The answer? "Nyyooooo....." and he will run or turn his head away. After tour-ing around the house, proving to him that nobody's around anymore, I bring him inside the room. Then, all those dramas begin.

He plonked himself on the floor, wailing on top of his voice and crawled towards the door. Sometimes he would cry until off balance and knocked his head either on the floor or the door. Then the pitch goes even higher ... lolz
Me? I just watched him laying down on my bed. used to it already la. My ears also got used to the high pitch sound. It happened for almost 5 days now, twice a do the calculation :)

Normally after 10-20 minutes, when he fianlly realised that he's not going anywhere, he'd come to me with his face all covered with saliva, tears and those nasty things from his nose, laying down beside me, still crying for another 5 minutes and dozed off at last. This fler can be really long winded.... can cry for so long. Haiiii.......

I hope I dont have to go through all these torturous act again when we back at home. Yala, although got used to it already but sometimes we dont have purposely stretch ourself up to the limit, right? :)

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