Friday, April 1, 2011

Caleb with his cheches

Since we came back from Singapore, Caleb been acting normal. Thank God! His routine was resume back as usual with meal, napping time and bedtime. No more fussy with his ever so politely saying 'nyoooo' but wailing, yelling and banging his head on the floor during bedtime.

Occasionally he'd still go on calling for 'che-che, che-che, che-che' suddenly out from no where, then looked at me with this puzzle look on his face. I said "Your che che not here, they are in Singapore..." after that he pretend to think for a few second and continue with his playing as usual :)

We went kai kai almost everyday but the shopping experience is NO FUN at all! Why? Because I need to catch a baby, hold on to a baby, carry a baby and strangle a baby on every shopping trip. It makes me crazy and like a mad woman running after her hyper energetic baby.

That is why I prefer to stay at home :)

 oh? Whassap? I messing around with che che's toys.

I'll just let him messing around the house and a maid will take care the rest. How nice...I wish I have one too back at home ^^ *wink wink

Make milk for Caleb maam?
Coffee maam?
This, wash?
Caleb eat now maam?
Let's do the alphabet.

 First we need to write a letter, like this, like this

Happy birthday to me..
Caleb, blow the candle, not eat.

He needs this toy everytime he poo in the morning. It just keep him focus moving those 'balls' and sometimes forgot that he actually need to pooooo.....

 Of course occasionally there will be a 'snatching toys' scene. The winner will watch in awe while the loser will cry his/her lungs out!

 Then be good friends again :) Let's mess around with big che che hairbands

Small che che: I put on mine then you put on yours ok?
Caleb: got on my neck!

Guai guai...drink your milk, ok? *pat pat pat on both head

It is just so heart-warming to see 3 of them playing and running around happily. Caleb been enjoying himself very very much. Oh ya, the first 2 days when Caleb was there, he learned to speak 2 new words: Che che and flower (pronounced as fo-wa)

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