Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mi? oh ya ya ya...

Last night, Caleb was chatting on the phone for the whole night while me and jk were watching CSI on AXN :)
Once in a while we just peek at him, trying not to interrupting the whole process. Then suddenly jk was signing to me "where is your phone?" then I signed back "Inside the room"

Acted selamba, jk stood up and walked into the room, hiding the phone inside his shirt and walked back to the living room. All the while Caleb just continued yakking on the phone non stop...

Jk tried to take video of the whole process due to his position on the sofa, he cant focused on his expression very well, so he passed the phone to me. And  this what I have caught on my phone.

This is what I always play with him, pretending there was a phone call for him and asked him to talk on the phone. Well, it get back to me now. Hahaha.... Notice how he paused for a while thinking "somebody looking for mi (he can only call me mi mi instead of mommy)" "Oh ya ya ya...." and pass me the phone.

Both of us were laughing so hard and I had little tear in my eyes WTF...

Toy phone by fisher price: RM109.90 (gift from my friends)
Face expression: PRICELESS

Caleb @ 20 months & 2 weeks

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