Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caleb with his jab bum!

We took Caleb for his DPT & Polio and HiB (3-in-1 cocktail) jab last week. We were quite worried at first when the doctor told us that this jab might cause fever and swollen on his buttock. As soon as we enter the room, the doctor greet us with a big smile on his face. Hahaha.....yes, friendly doc.
I sat down on the chair with Caleb sitting on my lap, preparing his butt for the jab. Hehe...

While waiting for nurse to come back with jabbing equipment, Caleb begin to squirm back and fro wanting to come down. Ok, fine. Go down....and he straight headed to the door. Doctor laughed and said "Oh, your baby sensing something not right, better escape first". We all laughed.

We quickly catched carried him back and I was holding him tight while Dadi showing him some pictures inside the handphone. That will keep him still for 1 minute. But the doctor awas very fast. 1, 2, 3....we heard "Ehhh..." and Caleb turned to his back to see what happen and wondering why suddenly so pain one? hahaha.....We know what he's thinking by just looking at his face.

He started to squirming on my lap wanting to go down again. I put him down after everything's done and I said "Oh yeah! Finishhhhh...!" and Caleb started to clap his hand. *Pengsan* 

No crying, no screaming....nothing. At the end, before getting out from doctor's room, Caleb flashed his cheeky smile, waved bye bye and gave flying kiss to the doctor.

Kesimpulan: Caleb punya saraf sakit sudah putus..... or disconnect already

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