Friday, March 11, 2011

Making bread

4 years ago, I baked my first cake using pre-mix powder and a small toaster oven. I just need to add water, oil and eggs and voila, I CAN BAKE too!

Every since, I've become more adventurous and decided to make cake from scratch. I bought a weighing machine, measuring cups and god-knows-all-other baking utensils. Search for various cake recipes in the websites and now, I can bake a very nice cake. Well, at least jk with his sharp mouth said my cake taste nice :)

2 days ago, I tried to bake BREAD for the first time. The outcome...well, errmmm, abit dense? Not abit, it FREAKING HARD ler!

That's the truth T__T

I can kill a dog if I throw 3 of these continuously.

Or instant death with one of this.

And all goes into the bin.... T___T, yes, *other sad face

I searched and googled and pawned on other's blogger website for bread recipe again. And this time, for the first time I got to know something called Water Roux. It is actually a mixture of bread flour and water. Cook it on slow open fire until the consistency turned into some paste, mix it together when you are making the bread. Due to higher water content (1 part flour : 5 part water) it suppose to make the bread fluffier and softer.

My 2nd attempt

Indeed, the bread were fluffier when it came out from the oven. When it get cooler, it become abit hard but not as hard as previous batch. Edible? Yes, just that I need to steam or toast it before I slabbed some peanut butter on top. It is acually quite good considered this is homebake without any preservatives and bread softener.

 Come here doggie, you dont have to scare of me anymore :)

At least when I feed it to Caleb, I can have a peace of mind :)

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