Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eat full nothing to do @ hometown

I'm at my hometown now being treat like a princess. My mom cooks everyday and I just need to make an order the day before and voila...amazingly the foods are serve the next day, such a bliss huh? Wahahah

Mom made kuih kodok (fried banana fritter) yesterday for afternoon tea. If you wonder why it called in such a way, the only explanatory is that the finish product turned out to be so ugly and it takes the image of a toad (kodok in malay).

They are basically banana mashed up with flour, eggs, grated coconut, bit of sugar and salt. It taste even better if you use overriped banana, you know so ripe until the skins turn black and lot of tiny bugs flocking around it. When you see it, you'll almost say...aiya, cannot eat d la, can throw in dustbin d...
If you think all vendors have the same thinking as you well, think you really think that they will throw all the banana away just because of the skin turned black and some maybe rotten inside? Nahh...i dont think so..

Sorry didnt manage to take pictures because once it was served, me and my nephew attacked it immediately. He is more glutton than me....hehe, and he is only 4 years old.

Tomorrow my mom is gonna make penang asam laksa!! Headmaster's face begin to hovering above my head de.........

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