Friday, July 16, 2010

Mami busy, you eat yourself ok?

I read from somewhere that when baby is 1 year-old, they can be trained for self-feeding.

So I decided to give Caleb a chance to show me what he got or what mess he's going to create.

First, put porridge into a plastic container.

Second, give him a spoon. Make sure he show interest in the spoon.

Third, put on a bib for him. This is a must.

Fourth, let's the show begin.....

Why dont I just show you the end result? (careful, dont pengsan) hahahah

The tray, the floor, the high chair and the baby are full with porridge.


1. Yes, he will play with the food.
2. Finger licking is better than using the spoon.
3. Hell more cleaning need to be done than usual. (as if the usual cleaning is not enough :l)
4. Lesson learnt... :)


MieVee @ said...

Ha... This is a familiar sight in our house, very messy when he is learning self-feeding. Have fun! :)

Wabbitfoot said...

haha...there is still a long way to go right? any idea to mess-proof it?



I dont think so....


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