Monday, October 17, 2011

Caleb's Art & Craft #1

I'm bad in art and craft. I mean I nearly flunked on my art and drawing subject every since I'm in primary. By secondary time, I need to go for drawing tuition every week (of course with a few other friends who done badly as well, haha :D).

Drawing tuition class.....can you believe it? It suppose to come out naturally right? I dont think Pablo Picasso or Michelangelo or Leonardo need to attend a freaking tuition before they drew all those magnificent paintings. Either you have it or not....if not then too bad la. Just accept the fact that I can't draw. But no, I can't tell my teacher that, so what to do? Tuition lor.....Sigh -.-

Ok, put that a side :)

One fine day, me and Caleb were feeling bored. Actually, Caleb was feeling bored because he came and bugged me and dragged my ass up from my 'working station' and asked me to sit on floor with him. Doing nothing. He needed me just sit there and watched him play with his 'kok kok'. Remember 'kok kok'?

So, feeling adventurous, I said to him "Caleb come, wanna play something new?". He stunned for a while and nodded eagerly. Hahaha....

And I brought out glue, puncher, a few sheets from past magazine (recycle ma) and a piece of cardboard from Jacob's Cracker box.

And final outcome:
Caleb's FIRST EVER masterpiece! Hahaha..... of course with 80% mostly my contribution.

But what the heck, I'm still proud of him.

Proud of you babey!

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